Cure for the Common Cold?

Well we are not allowed to use the cure word in the United States, so I won’t. But I recently prevented a cold from moving through the cycles that a cold always has in my case. It will start in my sinuses and/or throat and will always move into my lungs before it subsides.

Well I recently detected a cold coming on. It clearly got a foothold on my sinuses and/or throat, although it wasn’t too bad, yet. I took the following things (along with some other stuff that I take regularly anyway), and instead of moving into my chest, the cold just disappeared instead.

I’m pretty excited about it, so here you go:

Vitamin C with bioflavinoids, Resveretrol, Brown seaweed, Vitamin D3 with Cultured Nutrients Organic Fruits and Vegetables, Mushrooms for their beta glucans (I use Lion’s Mane for its brain boosting activity), the ACE vitamins (I didn’t use these, but they are a good idea), and astaxanthin. All these have anti-oxidant properties and between them may have all the eight sugars. These work terrifically well in combination, and especially to prevent something you feel coming on!

Pretty cool? So visit my Eat Fat, be Thin pages from the menu above to see more!

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