Trump – Rider on the White Horse

Here are two views of Trump, neither of which may be yours.

First we have Trump, the man of God (and Bill Gates financial angel for the church). I think that what is said here will be fulfilled.

Gates’ financial product would be ethereum. So perhaps Christians will be buying up lots of ethereum and when the fiat banking system collapses it will soar in value as a replacement. Like (or part of) this.


Next we have Nathan Leal’s prophetic dream of Trump the demagogue: more of an antichrist figure, looking like the leader for the Christian West, but not actually serving Christ. Not the antichrist, but like him in that regard. Will he be the rider on the white horse of Revelation 6? Click here for my notes or to hear it.

Come to think of it, both the above prophecies of president Trump could be “true” as far as they go.

Thirdly, … I know. I said two. This is a bonus! We have Trump, cutout for the Russian (Jewish) mob. No kidding. There is good evidence for this.

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