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This is Part Two. See Part One, Listen to the Navajo.

Emergence of the Anusazi

There are clues not only to the disappearance, but also to the origins of the Anusazi in the legends of the Navajo. But the White man has his science and claims they must have come from Asia across a land bridge that has become the Bering Strait. They now accept DNA evidence as revealing not only Asian progenitors, but European as well:

Native Americans carry about one-third European genes and two-thirds East Asian. This reveals a meeting between two branches of modern man: one branch that followed the east coast of Asia, and one that travelled east from Europe to the steppes of Asia.

The researchers cannot at this point say with any certainty exactly where the two branches coverged, but they estimate that they met … in the vast land area between Siberia and Alaska, known as Beringia. Here, it is conceivable that there has been some sort of a nesting box from which various genetic lineages of Native Americans originate. (DNA links Native Americans with Europeans)

But it is still insisted that this race, once formed, crossed the Bering land bridge into what is now Alaska, and from there populated America. Western archaeological scholarship is very conservative and does not consider the preponderance of evidence for an ancient globally seafaring people.

AmericanGenomeMapGiven the myths of the Navajo and the Hopi, perhaps they should, and they should consider the evidence for underground kingdoms as well. There is substantial evidence for both ancient worldwide seafaring and for underground realms, although they are not generally considered together. But a discussion of those sets of evidence (which books have been written about) is beyond the scope of this post, which is mainly restricted to the Navajo myths. The Navajo myths put underground realms and worldwide seafaring together. They say that the Anusazi, i.e., their ancestors, had emerged from underground worlds. And the circumstances of this emergence point to a seafaring route to the far east.

The Navajo were given the name Niihookaa Diyan DinE by their creators. It means ‘Holy Earth People’ or ‘Lords of the Earth’. Navajos today simply call themselves “DinE”, meaning “The People”. … (Myth 1)

According to the DinE, they emerged from three previous underworlds into this, the fourth [sometimes called a fifth], or “Glittering World”, through a magic reed. The first [was the] Black World. … (Myth 1)

[I]n the different three lower worlds [all] things were spiritually created in the time before the earth existed and the physical aspect of man did not exist yet, but the spiritual did. In [each] world the … people started fighting with one another and were instructed by the Holy People to depart. (Myth 2)



The first three worlds were regarded as being subterranean, and it was from these that the ancestors emerged onto the surface of the earth. On the surface their diet changed, which seems to have changed their appearance.


In the fourth world, they found the Hopi living there and succeeded in not fighting with one another or their neighbors, and their bodies were transformed from the insect forms to human forms … being formed from ears of white and yellow corn … . (Myth 2)

Coyote, the trickster, also appears and steals the baby of water monster, who brings a great flood in the third world which primarily forces the humans as well as Holy People to journey to the surface of the fifth world through a hollow reed. (Myth 2)



Deities with Halo on the left? Image –

Thus the Navajo describe their ancestors as intermingling with sacred beings both before and after a great flood. This parallels the biblical description of sacred beings and giants living among mankind both before and after the flood of Noah (Gen. 6:4) . In that story all flesh was destroyed in the flood except Noah and his family, but after this the entities returned – only to be subdued by Nimrod and the kings with him (Gen. 6, 10, and 14).


Noah had three sons: Shem, Ham, and Japheth. Ham led Japheth in a rebellion against Noah and Shem. Kush, the son of Ham traveled the world evangelizing for the new religion and regime. The dragon king, Nimrod, the son and/or grandson of Kush, united all people under his power, rid the world of monsters, and attempted to build a tower at Babylon in Mesopotamia that would reach into heaven, by “making a name” (Gen. 11:4). The tower was destroyed, and along with it the single understanding of language, and the people were dispersed.

AshurConeBucketThe tradition of Kush was then carried forward by the sun god, Asshur, deified as the founding father of Assyria. He is depicted at the right with a bird’s head and wings – so not entirely human – holding a bucket and pointing a cone as if to project or receive some kind of energy. Asshur, according to Johnson, in the book, Ancient Post-Flood History, was in the lineal descent of Shem (see also Gen. 10:11,22). However, if he was not entirely human, his birth would have been through a magickal working: a ritualized sex act intended to invoke the participation of a god to sire a hybrid offspring in the hope of it becoming a powerful king. Asshur certainly became a powerful king, and his depiction as half human / half bird could indicate his being a hybrid.

Dr. Randall Price demonstrates that Asshur was Nimrod. As such he would have been a practitioner of the Kush-ite sciences. But, one might ask, if Nimrod was a son of Kush (son of Ham), how could he be a son of Shem? The answer lies in there being two Nimrods. Nimrod the elder was the son of Kush. But his queen (deified as Ishtar by the Akkadians, Astarte by the Canaanites/Sidonians/Phoenicians, Inanna by the Sumerians, Isis by the Egyptians, Kybele by the Phrygians, and etc.), replaced him when she took her son as king instead.

If we are to align with the outline above, the younger Nimrod was the son of someone in the line of Shem. It would be someone considered from the perspective of the religion of Noah and Shem to be an apostate who practiced the metaphysical sciences of Kush – notably ritual sexual practices intended to draw down discarnate entities that Noah and Shem would have regarded as the enemies of the human race.

A woman that practiced ritual sex in order to draw down an angelic cohort would fill the bill. Asshur’s mother, the wife of Nimrod the elder would fill the bill if she were descended from Shem (There is possible evidence for this if the ancient Greek equivalent of Asshur (Kastor?) is a child of the god, Zeus, by his consort, the Spartan queen, Leta (or Leda) and if the Spartans were Semites. The Greek Zeus parallels Nimrod, and one of the sons of Leta (probably one of the twins, Kastor or Polydeukes) would equate to Asshur. Then there is a famous letter written by a Spartan king that identifies the Spartans as descended from Abraham, who of course was descended from Shem.)

The history of Assyria (or more probably a proto-Assyria) in these early years is unknown (A History of Babylonia and Assyria), but in myth Asshur takes over the mantle of the Babylonian Marduk (Nimrod). In the biblical record Asshur emerges from Mesopotamia to build the city Ninevah to the north, and then other cities.

If we associate Asshur with the Hindu sun-god, Ashur, he also ruled over centers in what is now Afghanistan and possibly Georgia, and like Kush, his travels were worldwide. This led to he and his family being deified under many names all over the world. As will be seen in Part Three, Ashur probably equates to the Greek deity, Zeus, who established the Olympian gods when he overthrew the Titans (themselves regarded as giants). The Navajo parallel to this thread continues in Part 3 as their ancestors emerge from a flood to live on the surface of the earth, but monsters appear and threaten them with annihilation.

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