mRNA Vaccines – Shadow of the Elephant

Are you concerned about what is happening in the world? Here is the elephant in the room; and it is the probable reason for the worldwide mRNA vaccination program. In previous posts I have demonstrated that the COVID-19 pandemic was a scam and that the mRNA shots are not about protecting our health. I am not alone. Many have done this.

The pandemic and its medical/government approved cures are weaponized socio-political programs that were designed to consolidate the transmission of world power through a sort of worldwide medical technocracy. The pandemic led us to vaccines, and the goal of this whole process was to create a medical technocracy, the shadows of which we are beginning to see. But while this new governmental beast is important, it is not all that should be said about the elephant in the room. What truly throws it into stark relief has to do with the technology supporting the beast – technology that moves us past “medical” to something new. With this, a strange new light is casting ghoulish shadows into our homes as the pandemic passes over and we hunker down, awaiting a cure.

These advances in medical and related biological and computer sciences have made the word “medical” in the term “medical technocracy” obsolete. Biotech grid might be better, but nobody is going to say “biotech grid technocracy.” A better term is needed; and to see what it is, we must analyze the elephant.

Art by Dalma Szalontay

The elephant is found at the cutting edge of medicine, and more specifically, in the field of biotechnology. Recent advances in these and related sciences have now made it possible for a new technocracy to manage society by two interrelated means: one, programming the human experience, and two, optimizing human biology to receive this experience. The biotech industry has gained access to both these domains through our RNA and DNA.

The first video below presents technology that uses the signaling capacity of our DNA to transmit and receive thoughts and experiences. The second video describes using RNA to re-engineer our DNA and how this can make of us what would have to be called bio-synthetic replicates of ourselves. The elephant in the room is us, as bio-synths, or cyborgs, that have been biologically optimized for sharing experience over the wireless grid.

The technocrats intend to use the internet grid, as explained in the first video below, to wirelessly communicate via our DNA to read our thoughts and intentions. The system will transfer these data to servers that will be running artificial intelligence software (A.I.) to analyze and make sense of it all. Then in a final step, the A.I. will send responsive thoughts and feelings back to us. This all will stream so fast that the unwary will not know that these responses are not their own. Thus we will enter a sort of corporate mind, generated by computer algorithms written by big-tech companies. This – say its owners – will steer society ever forward in a peaceful and productive direction.

The downside of course is that it will reduce our consciousness to cogs in a machine. It will reduce our identities to IDs in a database, with associated characteristics and pre-scripted behaviors. Imagine what the likes of Facebook, Google, Twitter, and YouTube will want us to think. They have already become infamous for limiting free speech to align our conversation with party-approved doctrine. With the new technology, censorship will no longer be required. By our own “free” choice, we will only think and say approved things.

As the video below indicates, this internet of living things (ioLT) has arrived.

The behavioralists have been experimenting for decades with implantable chips that can augment brain activity, but according to the video above, the technology is now available to interact with DNA wirelessly, making chips obsolete or required for special purposes only.

The second video, below, corroborates this wireless capability. It also describes how our DNA can now be modified through the injection of a programmable self-replicating gel. I say self-replicating but I mean that it accesses and hijacks our own biological mRNA and tells it to do the work of replication in order to spread its presence throughout the body, or to a specified organ, where it can do its work. This is the technology in the new mRNA “vaccines”. In the video, Dr. Morgan, Professor of National Security Studies at University of New Haven, and Celeste Solum are seen presenting their views. Dr. Morgan is introduced in the podcast, but Solum is just given a cameo and is not introduced. She is an ex-FEMA employee and whistleblower who in her research digs deep into the transhumanist cabal’s own documents to demonstrate how they intend to use this injectable gel. They have programmed it to re-image us as bio-synthetic replicates of ourselves with enhanced wireless signaling capability. We won’t die, but we won’t be us anymore either. If we submit to this we will become the walking dead, as I attempted to describe in an earlier post, “Temple Life.”

Besides being linked above, the above video can be found embedded in the article, The Corona Jab Serum & It’s Effects On Human DNA & Brain Hacking! (Video 12/10/20 ) & Webmaster’s Transcription. It excerpts a lecture by Dr. Morgan to an audience of soldiers at West Point. In it he describes the technology used, according to the videographer, by the global gangstalking-electronic torture-nonconsensual human experimentation program (Targeted Individuals, or TIs). The videographer is of the opinion that the TI program has been a pilot project to develop the injection mind-control technology that is being rolled out in the COVID mRNA injections today.

The potential for an A.I. driven 5g transmitted internet of living things (IOLT) into which every humanoid is supposed to be plugged and actuated – this is the elephant in the room. It needs to be seen, analyzed, and faced. Is this for real? Is this what is in the hands of a eugenicist-turned-transhumanist world elite that we see represented by the likes of Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, and Klaus Schwab, et al and their phony COVID-19 pandemic with its vaccine-like mutagenic injections? If it is, how should we respond to its onrushing arrival? Is this being crystalized as a Digitized Health Technocracy by the likes of this Biden administration proposal?

The elephant in the room is like a large, dangerous, transgenic vampire. But it is not just in one room, it is in all our rooms, and the zookeeper that collects and keeps these transgenic vampires is what is truly dangerous. The zookeeper is hideously dangerous because the transgenic vampires are supposed to be us, post-injection. This is the new form of government that we should no longer call a “medical technocracy” – for that makes it seem benign, and besides it is antiquated. I could propose that for this form of government the word “medical” be replaced by “biotech”, making the name “biotechnocracy”, or more fully, an “A.I. biotechnocracy”. Or probably more acceptable, I could use the existing term “biodigital convergence” being tossed around by government agencies and their contractors – so, biodigital technocracy. These may be more accurate, but they don’t do the ghoulish nature of this new-thought society of biosynths justice. For old Star Trek, First Generation fans there is a simpler and more expressive term: the Borg.

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