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Notre Dame, the Twin Towers of Europe

The fact that 875 churches across Europe have been torched or otherwise vandalized or desecrated in 2019 makes it highly likely that the Notre Dame fire belongs to this series. Besides that, the chief architect at Notre Dame says The … Continue reading

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The Black-Pilled Internet Experience

Are you still in doubt that the internet is being scrubbed of evidence and thought? Try this. Go on youtube and search “9/11.” You’ll get a bunch of mainstream channels. Most of you probably already know this by now. Now … Continue reading

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Wake up America! It’s Later than you Think!

The plan has long been to destroy Europe by replacing and mixing its native populations. R. N. Coudenhove-Kalergi wrote that when? Wait for it … 1926. What? Who’s plan? It is the plan of the Eugenicists. Well at least it … Continue reading

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Mandated Vaccinations Arrive

Your right to informed consent is under attack. Did I not say in February that the measles scare in the state of Washington must be part of a major push by the eugenicists for mandated vaccinations? The saga continues and … Continue reading

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The Middle East Pivots

The middle east has pivoted, as four nations have come together and allied with Russia and China, in the hope of becoming the dominant power in the Middle East according to Yossef Bodansky in New Middle East Alliance Shakes World Powers, Mar 28, … Continue reading

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The Day Trump gave your Guns away

Hope you enjoyed your freedoms, because once they have your guns they will come to make you their slaves. As US Agrees to ‘Full Implementation’ of United Nations Gun Control Pact explains, last summer the United States agreed to enact the United … Continue reading

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The Mueller Report II

The Mueller probe was an attempted coup.

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