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Farts Gone By

With apologies to my contemporaries, whose toes this may step on. This phenomenon is not really their fault. I read a post today lauding “old farts” (baby boomers) for their sense of decency which the remnant of a culture that … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Borg

Listen to the things Sophia says, and the way it says them. Sophia’s programming displays UN-speak on steroids. Please note that this UN-speak is intended to replace your free speech. Consider how it interrelates with surveillance and suppression of speech, … Continue reading

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Next Exit: Volatility

Chris Cole, of Artemis Capital, has pointed out that there is a $2 trillion position in “short vol” that is like a barrel of nitroglycerin sitting in the office waiting for a spark. When that spark comes, he says, one … Continue reading

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Red Shoes, Then and Now

We don’t know when the tradition of the red shoes began. But we know it goes back at least to circa 550 B.C. when a pair of rose-red slippers led to the slave girl, Rhodopis,  becoming the bride of Pharoah … Continue reading

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Facebook, a product of Tavistock, for the Black Nobility

A month ago at a Facebook conference in London, Baron Richard Beecroft Allan stepped onto the stage instead of Zuckerberg. Allan is taking over Facebook policy in Europe, Africa, and Asia. Sir Nick Clegg, formerly(?) Deputy Prime Minister of Britain, is taking over … Continue reading

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China and the Great Collapse

The financial and economic implosion that is coming defies description. “Great depression” fails to describe the magnitude and intensity of a worldwide financial implosion and reset/replacement of the fiat money system. So, what? Great collapse? Harry Dent, while not responsible … Continue reading

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The Grinch that Stole

the days after Christmas! The QAnon drones continue to harass us with fear-mongering alerts about impending martial law, military tribunals to convict and incarcerate key players (thousands) in the Deep State, and even the great financial reset. The latest alert … Continue reading

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