There are numerous ways to raise pH; not all of them recommended. On the other hand, the method that I recommend most highly involves a water alkalizing unit that is widely used in Japan. It is certified there as medical equipment. In my view, drinking Kangen water, freshly made by an Enagic machine is the single best thing you could do for your health. It may be the only machine of its type that actually works.

For further ideas, read on.

According to Dr. Mark Sircus baking soda and magnesium are really good ideas.

As for the broader subject of pH and cellular metabolism, there are those who hold against the importance of your body’s pH. If this puts you in doubt, watch this video:

In addition to the above, many folks have testimonials from using the Kangen water, and dentists, doctors, and surgeons are using it in their practice.

The video below speaks out against the alkalinity paradigm.

And consider this link, which says that: “Cancer cells are alkaline.” But on the other hand, as of 1931 cancer cells are acidic! The REAL Truth about the Body’s Acid/Alkaline Balance

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