Eggs are a superfood, if they are healthy. And the only healthy eggs, in my opinion, are Pasture eggs, supplemented with Organic feed! Take a look at these processes:


In the picture above, inside that blue Free Range warehouse would look just like the Cage Free warehouse to the right. Not too many chickens actually get out through the little doors to the outside. As you can see, even if they do get outside, so what!? Compare the Free Roaming picture. That’s pastured. In the summer, 2/3 of the birds’ diet will come from the pasture and 1/3 from feed. In the winter it is 1/3 from the pasture and 2/3 from feed. It is important that the feed be organic. Otherwise the feed will contain GMO corn and soy and of course residual herbicides/pesticides.

And here is a guide to egg carton labels:
A Guide to Understanding Egg Carton Labels

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