Water is a superfood. Don’t take it for granted.

I have discovered that drinking bottled, filtered, or distilled water is not the thing to do. It needs to be structured! Unless you live in one of the few places in the world where you have access to a glacier or other water that is still in its natural structured state (and if you are reading this, you probably don’t), you have to make your own. This can be done two ways, as far as I know. One is to add BioWater catalyst to your drinking water. But my preferred method is to make and drink Kangen water! Is it good? Well, I like it. I like it a whole lot. My whole family drinks it now. Check out the videos below.

Kangen Water

I’ve been an alternative medicine, whole foods guy (user) for 45 years and I’ve discovered some really cool stuff – much of which is on this blog under the Eat Fat be Thin menu. But I think this water is the single most amazing “health food” I have ever seen. It is better than biowater, imo, which I have used since the 80s and has enabled two couples I know who were or had become “infertile” to be able to have babies.

Ask me for a free 30-day trial  of this amazing water.

Kangen Water Testimonials

Try Kangen water free for 30-days.

Doctors and Kangen Water

Try Kangen water free for 30-days.

Hospitals using Kangen Water

Hundreds of hospitals in Japan apply Kangen water therapies. A TV news channel did a series of shows on this. Here is one episode with a translater dubbed in.

Try Kangen water free for 30-days.

Dentists and Kangen Water

Try Kangen water free for 30-days.

Kangen Water in Restaurants

Try Kangen water free for 30-days.

Kangen Water Demos

The 12 minute demo!

Longer demos: Roger Gaudette testimony and demo, below. Notice where he says it all started. It started with researching the few peoples around the world, such as the Hunzas, who lived to over 100 years of age. It was learned that the reason was the water they drank.

Ask about a free 30-day trial  of this amazing water.

Acids and fat up next!

Email me for a free 30-day trial  of this amazing water.

Kangen Water in the Brain

This will be your brain on Kangen water! Check out the video below. This woman has worked for decades successfully with severely brain damaged people. She also had water machines that didn’t work and she says that Kangen water is now the foundation to her program.

It’s a long video, but excellent. Dr. Corinne Allen is a practitioner, author, and lecturer on natural health, nutrition, and neuro-developmental education with over thirty years experience. In her opening remarks she says, “I’ve been in the natural health field for over thirty years. … I’d been teaching people about pH and acid alkaline and we tried all the products that we could think of to get that to work for them, and of course the diets, and nothing worked like what we’re going to show you tonight.”

2:30   The right water, the wrong water;
7:00   Constipation, slowed metabolism, and other signs of dehydration;
12:30  Aging, burns, coffee;
16:15  Edema caused by dehydration;
18:00  Illness and medications;
19:00  Babies, pregnancy;
21:00  Overweight;
23:30  Other machines did not work;
25:00  Dangers of dehydration;

Brain dehydration, anti-oxidants; Foggy and lethargic kids; Alzheimers; Anxiety and Panic Attacks; Anorexia and Bulemia; Comas; Delerium; Bi-Polar; Depression; Moodiness

37:30  Multiple Sclerosis;
38:30  Schizophrenia, Suicide;
39:30  Seizures, Tics;
41:00  Stroke, Heart Attacks;
42:00  The method is economical;
43:00  Swelling, Edema;
44:00  Allergies and Histamines in the brain;
50:00  Brain health;
56:00  Salt;
59:00  Water Structure (Water is not just water);
1:00:00 Micro-clustering;
1:01:00 Cut nutritional product use by half;
1:02:45 Anti-oxidant and super-hydration capacity;
1:04:30 Machines tested;
1:05:45 Calcium;
1:06:45 Free radicals and the brain;
1:08:00 Cost of anti-oxidant effect;
1:10:15 Acidosis, disabling disease conditions

ALS, Autism, Bi-Polar, Children’s disabilities, Scizophrenia, Seizures, Stress, Autointoxication, Weight gain, Diabetes, Down syndrome, Parkinsons, etc.

1:18:00 We look and we say, “What’s wrong with them!?”
1:19:00 Water cost vs. a health event;
1:22:00 Hydration test demo;
1:26:00 We can literally change society with this knowledge.

Email me for a free 30-day trial  of this amazing water.

Is Kangen Water a Scam?

Folks are to be forgiven that say the ionic/alkaline/structured water industry is a scam. Most of the units that claim to produce results by electrically treating water fail. Dr. Carpenter (in the video below) tried over a half-dozen water ionizer machines (which he now has in his basement) before he got an Enagic machine. At about the 6 minute mark he describes his “aha!” moment. It came when a patient came in to his office with chronic pain, and in tears. At the time, he was using an  Enagic (Kangen water) machine in his office. He was not yet using the water in his practice but was drinking it himself. She was too distraught to fill out her patient forms, so he gave her a drink of Kangen water while he filled them out for her. Within 5 minutes she was pain-free! He says it shocked him. “I was just learning how to use the unit. I was experimenting. And she got my attention. I went wow, that’s pretty amazing! So then I started putting everybody on the water, to see what would happen. Just like I had all the other machines (he had tried before). I had never had anybody come back to get more water from the other machines, and everybody was coming back wanting more water from this one!” Yep. The video is 17 minutes.

We also have testimony from a (former?) NASA scientist regarding the technical difficulties involved. If you click the link, please ignore the somewhat caustic personality and take note of how the Enagic machine compares to its main competitor. If you insist on shopping competitor units, please research the quality and size of the plates they use very carefully. Plates that slowly degrade, corrode,  and dissolve into the water you are drinking can actually be dangerous. Also consider whether a unit is designed with a cleaning protocol. Plates with built up mineralization or other chemical deposition will not produce quality alkalized water.

And speaking of competitors, did you know you can buy bottled V3 water for something like $25 – $50 a gallon? It is comparable to Kangen water. In fact it may even be better, since they add minerals. But really, north of $25/gallon!? Or you can buy a Dr. Sawahashi Hydrogen Stick for $70 that makes 420 gallons of water hydrogen enriched water: $6/gallon. This is reasonably comparable to Kangen water. My wife and I are drinking about 2 gallons a day between us of the Kangen water. We calclulate we are paying about $1.20/gallon. Plus we can use the Strong Kangen (11.5 pH) water as a degreaser, and a laundry soap, and to rinse fruits and vegetables, and as toothbrushing water, etc.; we can use the Strong Acid (2.5 pH) water as an antibacterial; we can use the Beauty Water (6.0 pH) on our skin and hair. Save your money. Email me for a free 30-day trial of Kangen water.

In all of the above I did not calculate in your savings from buying less cleaning products or none at all, and from reducing or eliminating any medications you are now on. And do I need to remind you of the primary reason to do any of this? Having more energy and improved health if you get results similar to what others have?

Kangen Water  Science – Misinformation Corrected

Does your chewing gum lose its flavor on the bedpost overnight? And does Kangen water lose some of its best benefits if you don’t drink it “fresh” – that is during the first 24 hours after it is made? Can’t say I know about the chewing gum, but contrary to what you may have heard or may have seen in one or more of the videos above, it is not true that Kangen water loses benefit after that first 24 hours!

How do I know this? Presently you’ll have to contact me at icliks@gmail.com to get a password to my Kangen Water Misinformation Corrected page. I won’t sell your name. Nor will I spam you.

It’s all about hydration. Basically all the water available for drinking is dehydrated, and as a result we are all dehydrated, and as a result our health and our longevity are degraded. Kangen water is hydrated. That is, it has been restored to its natural hexagonal state wherein six water molecules are loosely bonded together. This is often called structured, micro-structured, or micro-clustered water. Most all of the water we find in nature clusters in larger groups of around two-dozen molecules. The structured form is small enough to pass into and out of our cells and carries nutrients in and wastes out. This is the form water must be in for your body to use it. Watch this two minute video of what hexagonal water does for the blood.

Water is very mysterious. People, even chemists, doctors and scientists might say this or that, but there is still a lot being speculated and a lot being learned. But water is water, right? Nuh, uh. Just take a little glass of any drinking water and a little glass of Kangen water and set them side by side. They look the same.

But put a drop of pH testing solution in each and the Kangen water will turn a beautiful royal blue, a little on the purple side, indicating an alkaline pH (around 9). The other water will  turn orange, yellow, green, or a light blue color depending on your source. According to Dr. Awe (above), rainwater used to measure around 8.9 pH but now is typically 7 or below. And I will add that the reason tapwater typically tests 7 or above is that chemicals are added to it to raise the pH. Good right? I don’t know. It is done for the purpose of protecting the water pipes from corrosion; not for your health.

If you test fresh Kangen water with an ORP meter (it tests anti-oxident potential), you will get a reading in the negative 500 – 800 range. No other antioxidant food even comes close. Fresh Kangen 9.5 water has 8-10 times the anti-oxidant potential of even the best anti-oxident foods. Bottled waters typically range from a positive 200 to the 400s. That means they are actually oxidizing. You can see all this in the demonstration videos above. If you want anti-oxidants, now you know how to get them.

So, not all water is the same. Here is a little 7 minute clip showing why it is the Enagic machine that works:

Email me for a free 30-day trial  of this amazing water.

I have found it difficult to find any source that says categorically that the Enagic machine removes flouride from your water. Enagic does sell a special fouride filter. I’ll have to check that. But meanwhile, here is what looks like an excellent filtration system that can be attached to an Enagic machine: Pure Earth.

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