Notes on NAD

Judging by the experience of Dr. David Sinclair and his father, supplementation with Resveratrol, and NMN, along with something to jolt the body into taking action (such as intermittent fasting and/or exercise … or a drug which I can’t presently remember the name of) is a combination that increases cellular production and/or use of NAD and thus roll back the biological clock. His father has seen a dramatic reversal of the effects of aging.

Research is proving out that NAD metabolism is a significant factor in aging, but it is not certain whether the production of NAD needs to increase or whether the transport and use of it needs to be improved. “Given that cells make their own NAD from tryptophan, it is unclear whether dietary uptake of NMN can meaningfully influence NAD+ levels or whether Slc12a8 affects NAD synthesis beyond the liver, where NMN is primarily metabolised15. One intriguing possibility is that NMN could be produced by the microbiome. If so, NMN [intracellular transport] may prove more important than the low NMN levels in food imply.”

I hope to try a trio of products soon that should roll back the clock. I will post more about this then.

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