Brain Food

The first thing to consider is drinking structured water. Check out the video below. This woman has worked for decades successfully with severely brain damaged people. She also had water machines that didn’t work and she says this is the foundation to her program.

This is long, but excellent.

The water should make anything else you do more effective and may turn out to be the only thing you need.

And consider this:

Four nutritional supplements (they can be alternated 2 one day and 2 the next), NRF1/NRF2 and Alpha Brain/Shroom TECH Immune should do wonders for the brain.

Sirtuins are longevity enzymes; and both NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) and resveratrol (and quercitin) activate them. Heatshock proteins (using a sauna or biomat can produce them) are also important for longevity.

This apparently largely has to do with your epigenome, which controls your genes. It turns off or on various characteristics, keeping your eyes healthy eyes, your toes healthy toes, and your liver cells healthy liver cells. As the epigenome ages, it loses its acuity, and so the genes become disorganized. Your genes get disorganized, and your cells begin to forget what they are. As one exciting example, David Sinclair, PhD, has successfully used an FDA approved (benign) virus to carry “transcription” instructions into the eyes of mice to heal their eye epigenome, enabling it to tell the eyes how to be what they once were: young again.

Related to this, much of the deterioration of bodily organs, brain or otherwise, is the result of DNA breaks. NAD and sirtuins are used by the body to repair these but are effectively used up in the process. Increasing or enhancing the action of NAD and sirtuins in the body will improve the repair of DNA breaks. Also, reducing the breaks themselves will slow the body’s deterioration. Reducing inflammation and exposure to EMF pollution will minimize thee DNA breaks.

The levels of NAD and other nutritonal factors in the body can be raised. As researched by Dr. Sinclair, NR (nicotinamide riboside) and NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide) can be used as NAD precursors. Also, you can raise your NAD levels by intermittent fasting (ideally, it is said, go without food for 18 hours out of each day) and/or exercise (physical stress). Taking NR or NMN and resveratrol in the morning will mimic your body’s natural rythms. NAD levels naturally rise upon waking because your belly is on empty. Taking NR or NMN at night can interfere with sleep.

Tri methyl glycine (that’s betaine) and methyl folate  (and/or methyl cobalamine) should support your body’s metabolism of NAD. Collagen (it’s in bone broth) contains glycine.

NR is unstable in water, and NMN is more stable. NMN may turn out to be a better precursor of NAD. The liver methylates NR to make NAD, but then the NAD does not necessarily show up throughout the body. NAD itself can’t be taken orally with success because the body will destroy it. Transdermal, sublingual, rectal suppository, or by injection may be successful.

Rosemary! Grow rosemary and peppermint and drink Rosemary/Peppermint Tea.

Also, ginkgo biloba is good for the brain. My wife made me a tincture by putting ginkgo and cayenne in some alcohol and letting it steep for a month or so. The alcohol extracts the essential oils from the herbs. The Cayenne carries nutrients through any blockages in the body to deliver them to needed areas. The ginkgo then feeds the brain.

I think I’ll be adding rosemary to this tincture recipe.


Raise NAD by taking niacin but it won’t raise it like NR or NMN will. Niacin is only part of the NAD molecule. It is made of niacin, NR and phosphorus (NR+K is NMN).

niacinamide can be a problem. it and niacin suck up methyl groups. 25-50 ml 2x/day should be fine.


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