Chronic Constipation

Constipation is a digestive disorder and so might go under my digestive disorder page, but for those that suffer it chronic constipation is a major focus. AND I am told that there is little information out there with that focus, and what there is is not very good (aka, take fiber. Wrong!!).

I know someone that suffered chronic constipation for many years, and could find nothing that helped. She looked and looked for information … Finally, after all these years, she has gotten considerable relief.

I haven’t given this much time, and so this page is starting out – just to get this out there. If you have interest and want more, make a comment or send an email and I’ll get a fire under this project.

Constipation, when it is present, is a symptom of an imbalanced digestive system. Proper bowel movement can be restored by healing the inflamed lining of the digestive tract.

The Five(?) Points

  • Fiber Menace – Fiber is not your friend. They also say, “Dietary fat is the only substance that initiates the action that precedes bowel movement,” which leads to the next point.
  • Fat – While the Fiber Menace doctrine is pro-fats, it doesn’t accentuate the fat issue enough. GAPS and SCD deal with digestion, and do it very well, but you have to dig around to find application to constipation. … MCT oil … Ketogenic Diet
  • Emotions
  • Gut Flora – Friendly flora is very important. In addition to the probiotic products our there, consider live-cutlure foods such as sauerkraut, bubba’s pickles, kimchi, kombucha tea, etc.
  • Foods Tolerance – You may have food allergies and not know it. The idea here is to pare down your diet temporarily to a very few foods. Then, assuming you are not constipated eating these, you add one more, and then one more, etc. rejecting the foods that constipate you.
  • Nutritional Factors – I am adding this. I think it is important to consider. Consider things like your pH – are you acidic? Are you getting the eight sugars? Are you getting broad-spectrum minerals? Are you hydrated?
    • Broad spectrum minerals (consider ConcenTrace);
    • The eight sugars – This is now officially an essential food group and unless you are intentionally getting it, you are deficient and this can cause all manner of problems;
    • Hydrating Water – I will bet you dollars to donuts that the water you are now drinking is not hydrating. If your body has to squeeze every last drop out of what’s in your gut in a desperate effort to hydrate, that has to be constipating;
    • Sulfur – Our body weight is supposed to be something like 4% sulfur, but non-organic produce does not pick up sulfur from the soil and so we are all deficient in this critical nutrient;
    • Iodine – If you use sea-salt (do not use the standard white “Morton’s” salt!) but you don’t live by the coast and/or eat plenty of seafood then you must supplement with iodine. It is an essential nutrient and you won’t get it otherwise. See my Thyroid page;
    • Fermented Foods – I mentioned this already above, but it belongs in this list;
    • Oils and Fats – Don’t even think about a low-fat diet;
    • Okra! A man that had suffered from constipation for 20 years and had also developed acid reflux suddenly found relief. He didn’t realize the remedy could be so simple — OKRA! 
  • Parasites – You may have parasites and don’t know it. A surprising amount of people in America do! When my friend began taking the organic sulfur crystals, she soon passed some parasites! Diatomaceous Earth is also effective for parasites.

Here is how it was done in the case of my friend:

Eat nothing that irritates the digestive tract. I’ll come back with a more detailed deal on this, which is a dietary regime, but I’ll give you the gist for now.

The Diet

Eat fats and oils (the good ones only!)
No raw foods
No fiber (yes, that’s right! You don’t want fiber when you are constipated. You want oils and fats instead!)
No wheat, but white rice is OK
Steamed veggies, but avoiding the irritating ones

The diet should be started out very limited, and then one food added to it at a time so that if a new food causes a problem it can be set on the bad list.

Visit the site Got a Gut feeling your Gut is out of Whack?

The Supplements


Organic Sulfur Crystals (distilled)

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