Ear Infection

Salt, Garlic, Basil, apple cider vinegar, oive oil, and more…

Say Goodbye to Ear Infection! Here’s How to Cure An Ear Infection Naturally in Just 1 Day!

Also (and my wife got this from a doctor), you can promote drainage by jutting the chin forward while tilting the head back and opening the mouth wide and pulling the earlobes out away from the head. I’m not kidding, but you probably don’t want to do this in public! I like to jiggle the earlobes while holding that position … I don’t know for how long. But this lines up the channels that will allow the inner ears to drain. Since pain is often caused by excess fluid in the inner ears, this technique can be very useful! It doesn’t just relieve pain, though. It allows discharge of toxin-laden fluid and the body will replace as needed with fresh clean fluid. It’s like an oil change for the ears.

The next is not from a doctor, but just seems like a good idea. As an extension of the above idea – and from an experience I recently had with tooth abscess-like pain all through my jaw and ear – I recommend just rubbing, as in massaging, whatever area feels relieved by the process while tilting the head, jaw and so forth at whatever angles feels good. As I did this along the gum-line of my jaw and behind and below my ear and then under my chin and then my throat, I several times had abscess level pain recede to nothing. When it came back I did it again. It seemed like I was pushing and pulling fluid build-up away from the abscessing area(s).

Alternating hot and cold compresses is always a good idea when dealing with inflammation or swelling!

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