Kidney Stones

I have never had kidney stones, thankfully, but I found these comments posted in a forum:

“If people want some very cheap things that can dramatically boost health they should buy fresh lemons at a supermarket, juice the lemons in plain water (dilute to tolerance) and drink on empty stomach twice daily for at least 4 months. This will dissolve arterial calcium faster than K-2 and pomegranate combined can remove it. EDTA is bad as it removes beneficial minerals from the body, lemon juice costs less and is superior. The single caution is if not rinsed off the teeth with plain water before several minutes have passed, enamel loss will begin (confirmed by dentist). That should suggest how beneficial it is internally. It will clear all arteries—subclavian, carotid, abdominal aorta included plus dissolve kidney stones. The limonene content from the peel squelches cancer. This is a liver boosting treatment as well. Another plus is it means no income to doctors, hospitals nor any to Pharma.

“Garlic is great for defeating infections and has other benefits. Ceylon cinnamon has multiple benefits including suppression of diabetes and cancer. Since it blocks blood vessel growth, it prevents tumors from growing and encourages apoptosis. Avoid the boundless greed of USA “medicine” and resort to these three modalities for protection against the biggest killers—cardiovascular, cancer and diabetes. If most people used these regularly, USA “medicine” would be reduced in dollar terms by 80% or more. And it deserves to be reduced. Naturally studies on these must transpire outside the USA as this country represents about half of the global Pharma “trade” (we are today what China was previously in the British opium “business” there).

And also,

“The kidney stone cocktail is amazing! Black Cherry juice, Unfiltered Apple Cider and juice of one lemon. Drink it 4x a year and you’ll never get a kidney stone. But it’s delicious so serve at parties and your guests will be healthier and happier. =)

I can also say that I have heard if you are prone to kidney stones, then no soda pop soft drinks for you!