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Europe is Finished

This is unbelievable. But once you watch it, you have to ask, is America far behind? Advertisements

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Bombing Staged in the Manchester Arena

To say the bombing was staged is not necessarily to say that there were no actual terrorists or bombs. It is to say that someone very high up in the system scripted it and produced it. Their actors may not … Continue reading

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The Pedophile Wars

Didn’t I hear Glenn Beck trashing Alex Jones the other day? Here is what Jones is really up to. He, along with a bunch of others that he is aligning himself with, is outing the pedophiles. Trump is busting these … Continue reading

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I am against genocide, people. Genocide against any race – Black, White, Asian, Jewish. Genocide is a crime against humanity of the highest order. With that in mind, let us listen to the words of this award winning gentleman, speaking … Continue reading

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Careful what you say, Moms and Dads

(For most of us, social engineering works and we would never think or say such things. But for the rest of us – those that slip through the cracks, well apparently if we love our children we’ll keep our mouths … Continue reading

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States Abduct Kids for Cash

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The War on Family

Font line view, and it’s ugly! 

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