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The Chinese Fuse

China Systemic Risk: HNA Group Denies Liquidity Problem, It’s Only “End-Of-The-Year Tightness” Tyler Durden Dec 8, 2017 Every few days at the moment, it seems, we return to the subject of systemic risk in China related to its big four … Continue reading

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U.S. Indo-Pacific

The New Great Game moves from Asia-Pacific to Indo-Pacific Is the world’s center of gravity shifting to the heart of the Indo-Pacific – a new pivot to Asia? By PEPE ESCOBAR DECEMBER 7, 2017   In the context of the New Great … Continue reading

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China will stay in Syria

China To Deploy Elite Troops In Syria To Fight Alongside Assad’s Army Tyler Durden Nov 29, 2017 According to multiple reports in Middle East regional sources, China plans to send elite military units to Syria to advise and assist the … Continue reading

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Buy the HK Dollar, y’all!

(See Xi’s Silk Roadmap) Own this currency [no, it’s not a cryptocurrency] Simon Black October 18, 2017 … The Hong Kong dollar is different because it is ‘pegged’ to the US dollar at a pre-determined rate … set at 7.80 … Continue reading

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Xi’s Silk Roadmap

Xi’s Roadmap to the Chinese Dream Pepe Escobar October 21, 2017 Now that President Xi Jinping has been duly elevated to (head) the Chinese Communist Party pantheon … all the milestones for China in the immediate future have been set. … Continue reading

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Forget the Clintons?

Bill Holter comments on the Saudi roundup initiated this last weekend by the crown prince Mohammed bin Salman, based on corruption and money laundering charges: It is my opinion, the Saudis are now triggering a move to accept yuan for … Continue reading

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The Chinese Box

James Rickards says, “Once the National Party Congress is over in late October, President Xi will have secured his political ambitions and will no longer find it necessary to avoid rocking the boat (Prepare For A Chinese Maxi-Devaluation James Rickards, 10/12/17).” … Continue reading

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