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The American Fuse

After listing enough terrifying statistics from the car sales industry to convince us all that it is a dead man driving, Tyler Durden, of Zero Hedge drops the last wrench: The key data which seems to suggest that the auto … Continue reading

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The Chinese Fuse

China Systemic Risk: HNA Group Denies Liquidity Problem, It’s Only “End-Of-The-Year Tightness” Tyler Durden Dec 8, 2017 Every few days at the moment, it seems, we return to the subject of systemic risk in China related to its big four … Continue reading

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Triggers for Jubilee!

Excerpts from Porter Stansberry, November 25, 2017: If the credit boom is over and the default cycle has begun – we should see plenty of warning signs in the months to come. For one, transportation stocks will disappoint as new … Continue reading

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Buy the HK Dollar, y’all!

(See Xi’s Silk Roadmap) Own this currency [no, it’s not a cryptocurrency] Simon Black October 18, 2017 … The Hong Kong dollar is different because it is ‘pegged’ to the US dollar at a pre-determined rate … set at 7.80 … Continue reading

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BOJ buys Japan

So what happens when the Bank of Japan has purchased the entire stock and bond market of Japan? Can they even get there before what happens actually does happen? Will that event be the default of Japan aka the prophecy … Continue reading

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The Money of the Beast

Lynette Zang, of ITM Trading, has blown the lid off the money of the beast. This is not the mark of the beast, but the money of the beast. This form of money provides the necessary foundation for implementation of … Continue reading

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