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Gates Who?

Some people say that Bill Gates is descended from Frederick T. Gates, and some say he is not. You will find in the quotes below some interesting cultural similarities between Frederick and Bill that tend to support the former opinion. … Continue reading

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Ignorance vs. Anthropologist

Anthropologist loses. Are we witnessing the end of culture and beauty? Okay, to appreciate what is going on here you are going to have to forget that he is white, even Germanic, and was accused of being a Nazi. If … Continue reading

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Bankrolling Berkeley’s Riot

You’ll Never Guess Who Funded The ‘Protesters’ At UC Berkeley Chris Menahan InformationLiberation Feb. 03, 2017 … From The Daily Caller: The left-wing group that helped organize the violent shut down of the Milo Yiannopoulos event at the University of … Continue reading

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DeVos for Education Secretary

Betsy DeVos for Education Secretary? She is very embedded in the conservative republican apparatus, but not necessarily in the Wall Street eastern establishment. “DeVos has powerful family ties.” She, “is the daughter of an industrialist named Edgar Prince,” and married … Continue reading

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Since I already posted, Psychedelics, on CIA engineering the cultural revolution of the ’60s, and The Disney Dream, on the gnostic roots and programming of Disney Studios, all I needed to hear was that gaming is bigger than Hollywood by … Continue reading

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