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The Anti-Antichrist

This is an interesting thought. Notes from the video: The ones in true power were fallen angels and probably also hybrid beings. Carolyn and her mother took orders from them or people directly under them. These beings and their underlings … Continue reading

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Chosen Who?

The christian churches in America have been undermined and infiltrated for generations. It has come to a sorry state of affairs. The video below unveils a major piece of the apostasy that will enable antichrist to masquerade as the messiah. … Continue reading

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Bitcoin’s evil Nephews

Bitcoin has the brand recognition, and it may always function as a reserve currency for cryptocurrencies. But for day to day use throughout the world it will be superceded by other blockchain products. In some cases it may be pushed … Continue reading

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Free Speech in Britain

The police in Britain are Brown Shirts. Britain has become the fascist totalitarian country they fought against in world war two. It is coming to America unless people of extraordinary courage, like the two in the video below, stand up … Continue reading

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Don’t Speak Out in Minneapolis

Minneapolis sets up hotline for Muslims to report “Islamophobia” JUNE 22, 2017 ROBERT SPENCER This is Minneapolis, a hotbed of jihad terror activity. But the city doesn’t set up a helpline for Muslims to report jihad activity. Oh, no. That … Continue reading

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Wilcock, Disclosure, and the Blue Beam Scam

David Wilcock believes he is a “star child” and promotes “full disclosure”, which I have learned is disclosure of two things. It discloses the presence, activities, motives, and alliances of and with extraterrestrials. And it discloses the particular alliance that … Continue reading

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Call me Superstitious, but Holy Smokes!

I wondered what kind of a sign the illuminists were perpetrating this time, since the Vatican has become a stronghold of their power. But … Continue reading

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