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Merkel and Friends

Read the caption and look at those kids. Have you heard of the book, Thanks for the Memories, the biography of Brice Taylor? Have you heard the testimony of “Rose of Sharon”? How about Carolyn Hamlett? Or maybe you have … Continue reading

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Timing the Great Reset – Europe will not Survive

The Rise and Fall of the Eurodollar Tyler Durden 12/31/2017 … Branching out from his earlier point, Snider explains that (in the 1960s, leading up to Nixon closing the gold window) the eurodollar system was deliberately adopted to help undermine … Continue reading

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Did you Hear?

Could you hear? Is it legal to hear? Are some opinions about history just so evil that only criminals can have them? “… an 87-year-old woman was sentenced to 10-months in jail after being convicted of violating German hate speech … Continue reading

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Europe is Finished

This is unbelievable. But once you watch it, you have to ask, is America far behind?

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The Left are the Fascists

Fascist roots of the philosophy of the Left are revealed in this violence at the G20 Summit in Germany.

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Free Speech in Britain

The police in Britain are Brown Shirts. Britain has become the fascist totalitarian country they fought against in world war two. It is coming to America unless people of extraordinary courage, like the two in the video below, stand up … Continue reading

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Italy just got Flushed down the Toilet

Two Italian Zombie Banks Toppled Friday Night by Wolf Richter • Jun 23, 2017 ECB shuts down Veneto Banca and Banca Popolare di Vicenza. … The banks have combined assets of €60 billion, a good part of which are toxic … . … Continue reading

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