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The Joys of Sharia

Thankfully, it can’t happen here, America! You think?

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I am against genocide, people. Genocide against any race – Black, White, Asian, Jewish. Genocide is a crime against humanity of the highest order. With that in mind, let us listen to the words of this award winning gentleman, speaking … Continue reading

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Your Brain on First Net

DARPA is turning WIFI into a Lethal Killing Machine Dave Hodges June 10, 2016 … Dave Hodges recently interviewed  dirty energy expert, Virginia Farver. With the government admitting through NIH that cell phones cause cancer, you think that would be … Continue reading

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Death in the Gulf of Mexico

Genocide In the Gulf: Expected Lifespan of Children Reduced by 25%-Evacuate Now! Dave Hodges 4/17/16 The people in the Gulf are in grave danger. The health reports, the geological reports and the weather reports are suggestive of one thing, the … Continue reading

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David Duke

Not who you think…  So why is he not who you think? That is because you have been manipulated by the social engineers, who have shaped your thoughts into their image. Visit Geopolitical Engineering and National Security and Consciousness Acquisition and Flower … Continue reading

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Syria, Round II

(Call me a cynic (oh our govt hasn’t begged for it), but is this an excuse for a new Western militarily presence in Syria?) Congress unanimous on ISIS genocide of Christians; Pressure mounts on White House LISA DAFTARI MONDAY MAR 14, … Continue reading

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ISIS kidnaps more Christians. When will we put an end to this madness? By Johnnie Moore Published August 07, 2015 … no one in the world can say they do not know what ISIS does to Christians in the Middle … Continue reading

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