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Amazon denies Jews Voice

Not Banned “In Judaism’s Strange Gods: Revised and Expanded Christian scholar Michael Hoffman documents his provocative thesis that Judaism is not the religion of the Old Testament, but the newly formalized belief system of the Pharisees, which arose in Babylon … Continue reading

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Kybele, Cavemen, and the Conch

The ancients depicted the spiral in the possession of VIPs The locations of these petroglyphs is random. I think one is from Australia and the others from America. They are the first ones of this type that I found. The spirals … Continue reading

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Reptilian Ritual

If political hacks on the left are into the occult, here is what their handlers are into (besides pedophilia). Nephelim and the Dollar Bill Mind Control by MPD Genesis 6 Project The Hybrids The Mind Control Industry

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Pray the Witches Down

It is time to pray that God guard and protect President Trump, and his government, and his supporters, from the spells of the wiccans. A group of witches is attempting to use black magic (nationwide) to neutralize U.S. President Donald Trump … Continue reading

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The Antarctic Summit Meetings

[Remember Half-Past Human said that a discovery has been made and will soon be disclosed that will forever change humanity’s perception of its origins? This picks up that thread.] Why Are World Leaders Visiting Antarctica? -Steve Quayle By Greg Hunter On … Continue reading

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Podesta’s Pizzagate fails to Die

DESPITE ATTEMPTS TO SHUT IT DOWN, PIZZAGATE IS A WORLDWIDE CITIZEN INVESTIGATION NOW NOVEMBER 25, 2016 | SGT REPORT | SGTREPORT.COM Editor’s Note: The mainstream media is in damage control mode over this, now claiming that Pizzagate stories are “fake … Continue reading

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Wicca is With Her

“Spirit cooking “artist” Marina Abramovic donated the maximum an individual is allowed earlier this year to help elect Hillary Clinton (Spirit Cooker Marina Abramovic Gave Max Donation to Hillary Clinton).” Why? It is because Hillary herself is a high-level witch, … Continue reading

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