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The Joys of Sharia

Thankfully, it can’t happen here, America! You think?

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Merkel on the Other Hand

While I still can, I will warn you that the world is sliding with increasing speed into a Police State. It is happening in the United States, it is happening (as you see below) in Europe. It already exists in … Continue reading

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Wiretapped Much?

Mark Levin on Trump wiretapping claims: ‘We’re talking about police state tactics’ Published March 07, 2017 Radio host Mark Levin stood by President Trump’s claim Monday that President Obama tapped his phones during last year’s campaign, alleging that the … Continue reading

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Youtube denies Your Voice

Not that my blog is anything, but there will likely come a time when I will be forced to stop posting material of a political or truth-telling nature; soon to be followed by sites with an anti-establishment, anti-corporate, alternative, or in … Continue reading

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CIA in Everyman’s Livingroom

In  The most shocking revelation from the CIA spying scandal on March 8, 2017,  Simon Black writes: It happened again– another spying scandal in the Land of the Free. Yesterday Wikileaks released 8,761 CIA documents detailing the agency’s hacking of smart phones, routers, computers, … Continue reading

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Liberty, Tyranny, Germany, and Speech

It’s shocking to me. It really is!

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Liberty and Tyranny, in Plato’s Opinion

America, did someone know what Plato knew? See Also: Cultural Marxism and You National Security and Consciousness Acquisition Psychedelics The Disney Dream Hillary, CIA, and the Nimrod Legacy

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