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Amazon, and the Godzilla Blockchain

This year, as of Black Friday online shopping was up about 22%, and shopping at Amazon was up a stunning 50%! Amazon has become Godzilla. Meanwhile, William Peaster, of (November 13, 2017) brings us news on a possible race … Continue reading

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Triggers for Jubilee!

Excerpts from Porter Stansberry, November 25, 2017: If the credit boom is over and the default cycle has begun – we should see plenty of warning signs in the months to come. For one, transportation stocks will disappoint as new … Continue reading

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Buy the HK Dollar, y’all!

(See Xi’s Silk Roadmap) Own this currency [no, it’s not a cryptocurrency] Simon Black October 18, 2017 … The Hong Kong dollar is different because it is ‘pegged’ to the US dollar at a pre-determined rate … set at 7.80 … Continue reading

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The Crypto-Ruble

Russia’s Crypto-Ruble Just Changed the Game by Tom Luongo … The goal with Russian official crypto-policy is to stamp out the illegal activities … while simultaneously using the technology to modernize Russia’s internal capital handling capabilities. … By taxing crypto-rubles at the … Continue reading

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The Chinese Box

James Rickards says, “Once the National Party Congress is over in late October, President Xi will have secured his political ambitions and will no longer find it necessary to avoid rocking the boat (Prepare For A Chinese Maxi-Devaluation James Rickards, 10/12/17).” … Continue reading

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Lagarde goes Virtual

Lagarde is getting us ready. LONDON (Reuters) – Global usage of the International Monetary Fund’s in-house currency, the special drawing right (SDR), could get a boost from the growth of digital currencies, the Fund’s managing director, Christine Lagarde said on … Continue reading

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Bitcoin’s evil Nephews

Bitcoin has the brand recognition, and it may always function as a reserve currency for cryptocurrencies. But for day to day use throughout the world it will be superceded by other blockchain products. In some cases it may be pushed … Continue reading

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