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The Washington State TRACE Program

The State of Washington has demonstrate that, if enacted, TRACE (aka HR6666) will quarantine you in your home (or once this gets rolling, possibly elsewhere) if you test positive for COVID-19, and will go after your contacts – your loved … Continue reading

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Rockefeller as Educator

Mostly we think of the Rockefellers as big oil, but they are also big pharma and big education. And they are not working alone. Enjoy!

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Surveillance gone Mad

I recommend watching the feature-length movie, The Spark. I recommend it not for its entertainment value, but for its content. As for entertainment, this is a very arty but hyper-realistic film about the horrifying experience of Stephen Shellen as he … Continue reading

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Multiculturalism is Racism

Richard Nikolaus Coudenhove Kalergi (1894-1972) is the man attributed with writing the Kalergi Plan for a unified, mixed-race Europe. The plan is obviously in play today. Kalergi himself was of Hungarian/Japanese blood (I have also seen Flemish,Polish,Greek/Japanese), but this is … Continue reading

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Silicon Valley Censorship

The meme is not a joke. It presents a deadly enemy of the freedoms that America was founded to protect. From left to right, that’s Facebook (begun at the Pentagon), Twitter, Amazon, Google (A CIA project – it is now … Continue reading

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DemonThink by CounterThink

Mike Adams, of CounterThink is, suppressed, censored, and banned from the mainstream social platforms. So he has his own websites. In the video linked here, he tells us how to recognize a demon when it is acting through a human … Continue reading

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Zionism gone Bad

I’m sure this will endear me to the search engines, but I must pass it on. A law has been passed in many states now that requires State employees to swear they will not participate in any boycott of Israel … Continue reading

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