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The Psychopaths in your Head

Gang Stalking/Modern Mind Control Kev Bakker Show July 19, 2017 Below, Kev is interviewing Mr. Anthony Patch and Dr. Erik Karlstrom on gang stalking. You can listen to the first few minutes to hear Dr. Karlstrom’s substantial credentials to be … Continue reading

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Voice to Skull

Want to talk about race? Don’t let them divert your attention. Here are the real slave masters. Andy they’re coming to a neighborhood near you. See Also: Socially Engineered Rap Hive Mind The Mind Control Industry

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The Left are the Fascists

Fascist roots of the philosophy of the Left are revealed in this violence at the G20 Summit in Germany.

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Free Speech in Britain

The police in Britain are Brown Shirts. Britain has become the fascist totalitarian country they fought against in world war two. It is coming to America unless people of extraordinary courage, like the two in the video below, stand up … Continue reading

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Trump, and the Orb of … Surveillance

Anyone been wondering what the deal was with that glowing orb ceremony in Saudi Arabia during Trump’s visit there? This is the Eye of Sauron. He can now see you, everywhere. Nathan Leal isn’t wondering. He explained it on his … Continue reading

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The Feds’ Collapse Plan

ICE Agent Commits Suicide in NYC, Leaves a Suicide Note Revealing Govt’s Plans to Roundup & Disarm Americans May 14, 2017 manurishi (Originally written in the spring of 2016 as near as I can tell. Hat tip, Walter, for this … Continue reading

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Syria – Why Investigate?

Syrian gas attack? Why investigate!? My God, women and children were killed! Didn’t you see the pictures!!?? Investigation be damned, just steal their money …  now! “Two weeks after launching missile strikes on Syria, the U.S. Treasury announced it has … Continue reading

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