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The Left are the Fascists

Fascist roots of the philosophy of the Left are revealed in this violence at the G20 Summit in Germany.

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Free Speech in Britain

The police in Britain are Brown Shirts. Britain has become the fascist totalitarian country they fought against in world war two. It is coming to America unless people of extraordinary courage, like the two in the video below, stand up … Continue reading

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Trump, and the Orb of … Surveillance

Anyone been wondering what the deal was with that glowing orb ceremony in Saudi Arabia during Trump’s visit there? This is the Eye of Sauron. He can now see you, everywhere. Nathan Leal isn’t wondering. He explained it on his … Continue reading

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The Feds’ Collapse Plan

ICE Agent Commits Suicide in NYC, Leaves a Suicide Note Revealing Govt’s Plans to Roundup & Disarm Americans May 14, 2017 manurishi (Originally written in the spring of 2016 as near as I can tell. Hat tip, Walter, for this … Continue reading

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Syria – Why Investigate?

Syrian gas attack? Why investigate!? My God, women and children were killed! Didn’t you see the pictures!!?? Investigation be damned, just steal their money …  now! “Two weeks after launching missile strikes on Syria, the U.S. Treasury announced it has … Continue reading

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Wiretapped Much?

Mark Levin on Trump wiretapping claims: ‘We’re talking about police state tactics’ Published March 07, 2017 Radio host Mark Levin stood by President Trump’s claim Monday that President Obama tapped his phones during last year’s campaign, alleging that the … Continue reading

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CIA in Everyman’s Livingroom

In  The most shocking revelation from the CIA spying scandal on March 8, 2017,  Simon Black writes: It happened again– another spying scandal in the Land of the Free. Yesterday Wikileaks released 8,761 CIA documents detailing the agency’s hacking of smart phones, routers, computers, … Continue reading

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