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God have Mercy

 found posted on  It’s the Constitution, Baby! So then we have this: Muslim father marries off three-year-old daughter to ‘settle dispute over alleged affair’Loulla-Mae Eleftheriou-Smith Loulla-Mae Eleftheriou-Smith 3/16/17 … A three-year-old girl has been forced into marriage in order to settle a … Continue reading

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The Joys of Sharia

Thankfully, it can’t happen here, America! You think?

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Merkel on the Other Hand

While I still can, I will warn you that the world is sliding with increasing speed into a Police State. It is happening in the United States, it is happening (as you see below) in Europe. It already exists in … Continue reading

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Trump Travel Ban

How they see it in Iraq. Pretty cool, eh? This may be Steven Gern’s original video.

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Lumpenproletariat for Europe and America

Major Companies, Humanitarian Organizations, And NGOs Are Working With The European Union To Smuggle Millions Of Illegal Muslims Into Europe Using Your Taxpayer Dollars And Funded By Your Charitable Donations By Andrew Bieszad on December 6, 2016 In what is … Continue reading

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Sharia Golden Silk Road is Born!

On December 6, 2016 a Sharia compliant “gold standard” will be announced making “gold bullion products and platforms that offer physical delivery” available to 1.6 billion Muslims and financial instruments available to investors of the world, backed by gold-backed wealth of the … Continue reading

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Muslim Brotherhood U.S.A.

They’re here. They are in the universities, they are building mosques, they are campaigning for public office, they are buying public influence. And they want to crush the American way of life and subdue it under Sharia law. Here is … Continue reading

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