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“It’s time to have a sane discussion regarding what is going on in Syria. Things have escalated exponentially over the past month or so, and they continue to escalate. ” Everything you are Not being Told about the Conflict in … Continue reading

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Disclosure Nearing

“This changes everything.” See Also: Talk to the (Three-Fingered) Hand Ancient Peruvian DNA Surprise The Hybrid Hair Haplogroup I1

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In the News

“For all the talk about Trump colluding with the Russians, something that has now been thoroughly discredited, many have forgotten that Russian collusion has indeed been going on. Only it’s been done by the Clintons.” Hillary Clinton Told FBI’s Robert Mueller … Continue reading

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In the News

New Saudi Crown Prince may mean war with Iran. Pedogate and Assassination of Scalise Russia/China creating New World Order India “Legalizes” Cryptocurrency US prefers to “Seize” Cryptocurrency, Cash, and anything Else (this law is not passed … yet) McCain Institute, … Continue reading

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Ignorance vs. Anthropologist

Anthropologist loses. Are we witnessing the end of culture and beauty? Okay, to appreciate what is going on here you are going to have to forget that he is white, even Germanic, and was accused of being a Nazi. If … Continue reading

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So should I invest in Kazakhstan? Click here to see why would I even ask? Meanwhile, here is what I’m thinking. It is increasingly likely that the U.S. dollar is going to crash; which means, if that happens, that something else will … Continue reading

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Clif on Crypto

Tired of fiat? Clif High says, buy Etherium, at least, and buy Bitcoin. And then just hold on. As for Bitcoin, whenever it “halves” it will double in price within the next few months. The next halving takes place in … Continue reading

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