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Words of … Well Words, Anyway

At my age, I’ve gotten pretty good at dieting and getting healthy. Here are some tips that I’ve boiled down to ten points to ponder: If you really must diet, I have found 14-day diets to be the most effective. … Continue reading

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Harvey – Natural Flavors or Artificial?

Here is an interesting hypothesis. I know that weather modification is a patented fact, so it really comes down to speculation on the political realities, I guess. Those hotspots that boiled up all that vapor really don’t look natural. Are … Continue reading

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President Zuckerberg?

Prince Mark  How does it sound: “President Zuckerberg”? Does it just roll off the tongue, or do you think he needs to change his name? Apparently Zuckerberg has hired both the campaign manager from Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the communications … Continue reading

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In the News

“It’s time to have a sane discussion regarding what is going on in Syria. Things have escalated exponentially over the past month or so, and they continue to escalate. ” Everything you are Not being Told about the Conflict in … Continue reading

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Disclosure Nearing

“This changes everything.” See Also: Talk to the (Three-Fingered) Hand Ancient Peruvian DNA Surprise The Hybrid Hair Haplogroup I1

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In the News

“For all the talk about Trump colluding with the Russians, something that has now been thoroughly discredited, many have forgotten that Russian collusion has indeed been going on. Only it’s been done by the Clintons.” Hillary Clinton Told FBI’s Robert Mueller … Continue reading

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