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Timing the Great Reset – Japan

Currencies Are Trading In A False Paradigm March 16, 2017 / By: Bruce Wilds … Concern over the future of both the yen and the euro (will) become more of an issue. Both the yen and the euro have major problems … Continue reading

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Timing the Great Reset – Europe will not Survive

The Rise and Fall of the Eurodollar Tyler Durden 12/31/2017 … Branching out from his earlier point, Snider explains that (in the 1960s, leading up to Nixon closing the gold window) the eurodollar system was deliberately adopted to help undermine … Continue reading

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The Fuse in Palestine

Revolutionary Guard Commander Says Iran Will Support Palestinian Forces In Fight Against Israel  Tyler Durden Dec 12, 2017   … The veteran Iranian general …, Soleimani expanded his preemptive war message, saying his nation is ready to support Palestinian forces … Continue reading

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Buy the HK Dollar, y’all!

(See Xi’s Silk Roadmap) Own this currency [no, it’s not a cryptocurrency] Simon Black October 18, 2017 … The Hong Kong dollar is different because it is ‘pegged’ to the US dollar at a pre-determined rate … set at 7.80 … Continue reading

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Words of … Well Words, Anyway

At my age, I’ve gotten pretty good at dieting and getting healthy. Here are some tips that I’ve boiled down to ten points to ponder: If you really must diet, I have found 14-day diets to be the most effective. … Continue reading

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Harvey – Natural Flavors or Artificial?

Here is an interesting hypothesis. I know that weather modification is a patented fact, so it really comes down to speculation on the political realities, I guess. Those hotspots that boiled up all that vapor really don’t look natural. Are … Continue reading

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