Crisis Survival

It is coming. Will you be ready?


Sell Home: (cash out)
Buy remote acreage: cheap, remote hunting/camping land.
Buy two RVs: a smaller one to park at the land, and a huge one to live in in a mobile home park while still commuting to your day job.
Commute: once a week move from town to your camp and ease into off-the-grid living.
Network: develop friendships with people that see what’s coming and are preparing for it.

25 Skills you will need when TSHTF

(The following is from someone that has been through it. What was it like? What was needed? How did he get through it? How would he prepare if he had time before the sh* came down? Forgive the grammar. English is not this man’s native language.)


I believe besides ammo food hygiene and energy things (batteries etc.) you need to focus on small things for trade, pocket knives, lighters, flints.

Also LOT of alcohol, kind that can stay long, i mean stuff like whiskey and that, does not important what kind, you can have cheapest kind, it is very good thing for trade in desperate time. …

Also lack of hygiene things killed a lot of people, i’ve seen that.

You gonna need to have some simple things, like for example lot of garbage bags, i mean a lot, many uses for that, and a LOT of duct tape, many many uses for that. …


Backpacker’s Bugout List


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The Tiny Homestead


10 Paks for Survival

Dew is drinkable, and more stuff. 10 Survival Hacks

Uses of Panty Hose

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