(Here is what I had not thought of..)

If you have a short-wave radio or an amateur radio (cb, single sideband), which are very inexpensive, you can listen to the radio amateurs who are going to be immediately there because that’s what they’re set up for, that’s what they’re trained to do. If you had an amateur radio license, which anybody can get these days, you can also broadcast on the ham radio. Radio in a situation like this is like having eyes. You can see where to go, where there’s problems, where there are not problems, where there are riots, where there are not riots – and carry on and go there.

And you can do it over the www (if it’s up), using Hamsphere, without a Ham license.

An excellent way to get radio communication is to buy a Yaesu, Kenwood, or Icom radio. Don’t buy Wouxuns or Baofengs due to quality issues. RennaisanceMan and Comoprepper are go-to source for information on radio comm.

But be sure to see the Garmin Rhino and family below. Good comm on a budget!

Also check this out, from a post on Lunatic Outpost (to read it with all the links in it, visit the forum):

So, pissed off at the man monitoring you and you can’t monitor THEM? Afraid of the FEMA roundup and wanna know what they are up to? See some barium striped chemtrails and need to monitor aircraft frequencies to see if Operation Spray Suzieq has been deployed? Have a need to monitor the local FIVE-O to see if they are on to your crackhouse? Been runnin’ a whisky still and wanna be on the lookout for them tax revenuers?

Well then you need the Home Patrol.

OK I’ll cut the wisecracks and review this item cuz in my mind it is a breakthrough in scanner technology available to the general public.

Remember that Bastrop Fire that almost burned me out?…ons?page=1

Well, I have been a scanner enthusiast since the early 90’s. Back then it was fairly easy to program one it was all conventional frequency systems. Buy the scanner, buy a book at Radio Shack with the freqs, hop on the webz and find other freqs that peeps in your area have discovered ( like Police Tactical freqs, for example) , manually enter them in and you were rock and roll. Sure, took some time; no biggie.

With the advent of Trunked systems however, things ain’t so easy. Manually discovering trunked system is a cast iron bitch-a good analogy would be akin to a patch panel on a recording studio-in other words, its like a matrix. And then there’s….

Before the Bastrop Fire I had 3 scanners, one a Trunked scanner that could deal with standard Motorola Trunked 1, and 2 systems. I had my shit dialed in all to way to Austin and beyond, however since then I have been involved in other hobbies and had not listened to them for some time…

Well the fire hits and I am HA!- I got my shit covered, fire it up and essentially…..silence.
I am like WTF?

Only thing I could hear was the local Bastrop Volunteer Fire Dept who luckily was also broadcasting feeds from central command, and the air drops which still use conventional frequencies. No cops, Sherifs, other Fire channels, etc. What I COULD hear saved my ass tho…plus Mud and I had the feeds from dialed in on our computers.

You guys know about radio on the web right??? It has all the national police/fire/gov/air/marine, freqs and peeps on the webz can monitor them when shit goes down…etc.
We’ll get back to this in a minute….

So after the fire was over and I had some time I looked into WTF went down with my one scanner that should have pulled all this stuff in-and discovered Austin/Bastrop, and other local counties went to the new APCO 25 system-which was created as a result of 911 when it was discovered all local police/fire/.gov were all on different systems and could not talk to each other in an efficient manner; also this new system is encryption capable- albeit very expensive. And no publicly available scanner can monitor encrypted systems.

Currently there are only 3 scanners I am aware of that can monitor the new APCO 25 system, and two of them are a cast iron bitch to program- I have been doing this for some time- trust me on this. Some outfits will program your local system before shipping the product- for like 60 bucks, lol, and it only covers your local area. If you travel you are SOL.

And then there’s the Home Patrol-the first Digital scanner, and with a kick ass color LCD display. Naw , there’s not a buncha knobs and shit on it that you can tweak like old skool scanners, hey you knob freaks you’ll have to get over it-as a workaround I carry a pair of nipple clamps in my front pocket to fondle occasionally- and have a willing girlfriend-you should too. Lmao

Anyways here’s how this scanner works. You buy it, connect it to your PC, download the scanner software for it, and get this…

Download the complete’s database into it. You heard that right…

Then it’s merely a matter of entering your zip code ( or GPS Co-Ordinates ) into it-and you are rock and roll dawgs. No shit.

AND- buy a GPS puck for about 80 bucks, put it in your car, and as you drive around it autoswitchs on the fly to all available known freqs in your area. The’s database is updated weekly, so hook it back up to your PC and download the latest freqs to keep current.

This capability is revolutionary to peeps such as storm chasers or peeps that travel long distances frequently.

BUT thats not all folks- you can, for a fee, upgrade to the Extreme version with unlocks very cool capabilities, like Trunked Discovery Mode which will find new trunked systems, plot the whole system, catch every channel, record and dump the audio into a 2gb included micro sd card where you can listen to it later, assign alpha tags ( ie who you are listening to), and essentially allow you to discover and plot a new system, and upload it back to radio’s site for peer review.

Can do the same with conventional systems. How cool is that?

Extreme features also has a RF power plot ( useful to align an antenna) among other things, A band scope, etc. Very powerful capabilities.

You can also stream it to the web. ;>)

Here’s some links.…&Itemid=12…8spec.html

Anyway, that concludes my review of this item. Of course I own one, looks like I am back in the hobby. ;>)

So practice EMCON if you try and sneak up on me Mr Fancy Pants G man. chuckle

And I give my word if I hear the FEMA boy’s a comin’, or those Barium Chemtrail boys a sprayin’…I’ll dump the audio to LOP-…

For YOUR peer review. CheerAnon

Man will never be free until the last politician is strangled with the entrails of the last banker – Diderot

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