Can you prevent ebola? How would you go about it? Here is what I’ve found so far,  and it is very promising!

According to the Journal of Infectious Diseases, Mannan-Binding Lectin, or MBL, “is a first-line host defense against a wide range of viral and other pathogens,” including the Ebola virus. It is also called mannose-binding protein. This protein binds to the sugar, mannose, that is one of the eight essential sugars, as well as to several other sugars that are listed below.

The article says that, “MBL preferentially recognizes glycosylated (sugar painted) viruses including … Ebola virus … .” And, “It also recognizes many glycosylated gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.” And I would add fungus to this list.

The article in Washington’s Blog, where I found this reference, also says that while our bodies produce MBL 30% of us don’t produce what I would call nearly enough. It names several food sources for it. Particularly:

The blue-green algae Scytonema varium … or Nostoc ellipsosporum … or the red algae Griffithsia … possess useful properties against Ebola

It also names several foods that contain MBLs: bananas, rice, lentils, jerusalem artichoke, and Jack beans, and that an MBL called LCH is available from several manufacturers as a supplement.

Finally, it warns that not all lectins are friendly. Ricin, for example is deadly, and gluten from what is today mis-labeled wheat, is the cause of much gastric distress and general health failure (eat one of the ancient wheats, or substitute rice flour).

But here we drill down to the kernel of the thing, and it comes in three parts.

(1) You need MBLs: The mode of operation of MBL involves cell recognition, particularly targeting of “glycosylated” cells and viruses, such as the ebola virus, for destruction. The Journal of Infectious Diseases article, High-Dose Mannose-Binding Lectin Therapy for Ebola Virus Infection, says, “Mannose-binding lectin (MBL) targets diverse microorganisms for phagocytosis (execution and removal) … .” And, “safety studies have identified no barriers to its use at higher levels. … We found that mice whose rhMBL serum concentrations were increased ≥7-fold above average human levels survived otherwise fatal Ebola virus infections and became immune to virus rechallenge.” – Colostrum must contain MBLs, since it is one of the named starting materials for the production of MBLs in patent US6429192. I will be taking colostrum from hormone-free, grass-fed stock. So far, I can’t find the algaes that the article names, nor the supposed MBL products. If you find something let us know!

(2) You need the eight sugars: It says that MBL, “recognizes hexose sugars including mannose, glucose, fucose, and N-acetylglucosamine on the surface of many pathogens.” It is naming four of the eight essential sugars, a recipe for which I provide here. So, you need the eight sugars in addition to the MBL. Your body will paint the viruses with these essential sugars if they are present, and the MBL will see that and move in to dissolve the virus’s protective coating. This prepares the virus or other pathogen for the next step. – For step 2 you can use the recipe for the eight sugars, unless you want to pay up for the convenience of a pre-formulated product like what Mannatech and others sell.

(3) You need white blood cells: These include NK cells, T cells, B cells, and NKT cells, and I suppose that is not an exhaustive list. They are what comes along and actually kills and dismantles cells targeted for destruction. – I didn’t look for too long, but for step 3 I found a promising product: StimuCell at Vitacost for a good price.

The article concludes that, “high-dose MBLs should be evaluated more broadly as an immunotherapeutic agent for a wide spectrum of glycosylated pathogens.”

For the sake of the evil USDA or whoever it is, this is no diagnosis nor cure, but the sharing of information (free speech). So, folks, do your own research and see what you think.

(4) From a different source, I have the following about vitamin C: The treatment for ebola, along with accompanying MOA says that the ebola virus causes the level of vitamin C in the body to completely disappear. As such, the early symptoms of ebola are the symptoms of scurvey:

In adults, the initial symptoms of scurvy include, according to NHS:

  • feeling very tired and weak all the time (fatigue)
  • a general sense of feeling “out of sorts”, such as feeling irritable and miserable all the time
  • pain in your limbs, particularly your legs
  • the appearance of small red-blue spots on your skin

These spots develop where individual hairs grow out of the skin (hair follicles), and they often occur on the shins. Hairs in affected areas usually twist around like corkscrews and break away easily. Without treatment, the spots can grow and merge to create large dark patches on your skin.

Other symptoms then follow, including:

  • swollen gums, which become soft and vulnerable to bleeding (teeth may feel loose or fall out)
  • severe pain in your joints caused by bleeding inside the joints
  • shortness of breath, particularly after periods of physical activity
  • redness and swelling in recently healed wounds (new wounds may fail to heal)
  • easily bruised skin

Left untreated, scurvy can cause jaundice (yellowing of skin and eyes), oedema (swelling caused by a build-up of fluid) and potentially fatal heart problems.

The article says the current promotion of colloidal silver for ebola is a psy-op, and that colloidal silver is only effective against bacteria, not viruses. It says that massive dosing of vitamin C will stop ebola dead. Unfortunately, it says this level of dosing requires intravenous injection. However, Ascorbate Bio-C, by NutriBiotic (I don’t know who has the best price) is an excellent product that you can use in powder form. It is buffered, contains bioflavinoids and minerals, and is very mild tasting so you can take a lot of it.

More on Vitamin C:

Vitamin C Cures Ebola Says Doctor!

August 2, 2014
Glenn Canady

… This information comes from Jim Stone who says a Dr. sent him the information.    I have no idea if it’s accurate but mega doses with Vitamin C have been shown to even cure cancer so it sure can’t hurt.  There is also information out there that says Colloidal Silver can cure Ebola. 

WARNING: I am not a doctor and can give no medical advice.  This article is for entertainment only as I can not verify any of it’s information.  As always you should consult your doctor before you do anything! …

Full Article Here:


(5) From yet another source –  Oxygen kills 99% of all pathogens!

(6) And Dr. Sircus sells an eBook which adds other tools to our arsenal. Things like: sodium bicarbonate,  iodine, magnesium chloride, selenium, and liposomal vitamin C.

(7) And from yet another source, colloidal silver, blacklight, bleach, and masks:

Being prepared will not cost much ; fight possible Ebola outbreak with alternative measures not endorsed by the system that wants you dead
(Rivero saying at the least get black-light bulbs for existing fixtures, a mix of UV blacklight with ordinary bulbs, have bleach, gloves and masks, stockpiles of vitamin C and cinnamon on hand and make your own colloidal silver (I don’t know if he mentions it, but don’t put salt in the water that you make it from) 

And here is the supposed dis-information trail about colloidal silver:

Cure For Ebola They Don’t Want You To Know About!!

Susan Duclos

Medical Director of the Natural Solutions Foundation, Doctor Rima Laibow, has an urgent message, one she has sent to the presidents of the four Ebola stricken countries, “… according to her latest video and an article at Sky Ships Over Cashiers, with what she considers a proven cure for Ebola, but one TPTB don’t want us to know about. …

The US government study (declassified in 2009) which showed definitively that Nano Silver at 10 PPM is the definitive prevention and therapy for Ebola virus “somehow” got “overlooked.” We do not know how long before that the work actually took place, but the US civilian authorities knew not later than 2009 that there is a cure, treatment and prevention for Ebola virus. . . .

[Update] H/T Neo, 2005 study found here (94 pages)

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