Under certain circumstances you may have to re-locate. Say for example that radiation from a nuclear blast is heading your way and you have no shelter for that. Or what if the world financial system actually does implode, the banks close, there is chaos, our nations enemies take the opportunity to invade, and this degenerates into a decade of Mad Max? Where will you go? How will you get there? What will you take?

Create a plan that works within your means, and prepare to execute it.

Strategic Relocation

America’s Death Zones: Where NOT To Be When It Hits the Fan

20 Points to Consider

America’s Survival Zones

The book, Strategic Relocation, by Skousen is very useful, but it doesn’t seem to lay enough stress on who you will be shoulder to shoulder with. See my Networking page.

Danger Zones in the U.S.
from OmegaShock

You need to consider how you will get to your chosen safe-locations. You need to consider multiple routes, and routes that by-pass possible road-blocks and/or hazardous zones. You can’t count on the internet or GPS equipment. You can buy maps from various sources. National Geographic is selling the Ultimate Outdoor Mapkit, but check out the links below before you spend your money.

So how will you choose a location? One way to get a handle on this is to visit around in an RV or camper trailer and reconnoiter the places you think you might like. Here is an article on boondocking. And in case you don’t visit that article, here is one of the useful links in it: Free Campsites in America. When thinking about moving, be advised that you can’t just move out to the fringe of nowhere and live in total isolation (most can’t); so you need to locate an appropriate social network. When camping around you could visit churches or think up other social networking organizations to visit and learn about what’s going on in local areas. Before you leave the house you can join the various prepper websites and possibly arrange to meet with someone at a neutral location.

Searching for property, don’t forget you can search “Wanted” ads, too. You may be able to go in with some one in some way. If you want to be off-grid on the back acreage for example, some one else may want the big house and road fronting acreage. It is sometimes easier to find homes with acreage than it is to find small acreage of raw land.

Don’t forget Craig’s List!

Below are some useful links for the various aspects of locating to a remote property.

Mortgage Rates Chart

USDA Rural 0% Down Loans


National Counties Association website. Counties often have Land Roll searches. For example, see Hinds County, MS

Zip Codes – Find zip codes for an address so you can do zip code searches on the real estate websites.

Zipcodes Map – Map showing zip codes for any area in the United States.

City Data – shows statistics for any area in the United States.


Hot Pads

Open Street Map

ESRI Global – Create a free account and then create your own maps by choosing the layers you want to see, in the areas you want to see, marking your own locations and notes on the map. This is a great tool!

MyTopo Maps

Property Ownership Rolesdeltacomputersystems.com for MS properties, or for some counties the properties can be found on http://tscmaps.com/pg/state-of-mississippi/

USGS Protected Areas Viewer has great mapping tools, and you can view other areas than just protected ones.

Flood Zone maps (FEMA)

Superfund Sites (EPA)

Google Maps Lite

Discussion of other sources for Maps. You may have to be a member of APN and logged in for the link to work. It’s free to register.

Landflip Searches by county and other parameters. Found 10 acres for $45k in Yazoo County.

Land for Sale

Mossy Oak Properties


Tom Smith Land


Overby Company




Crye-Leike Real Estate Services



Other Links:

“Swine Flu”

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