The people at the location where you choose to live are as important or more important than the property and/or facilities. So you shouldn’t just be looking at property, but at groups as well … maybe first. Get networked!

Local Micro-Communities Platforms and Apps

Communities Directory is a webpage of the Intentional Communities website.

EveryBlock: This is Facebook.

Nextdoor: partners with EveryBlock.


Neighborland: a public engagement platform designed for government agencies, developers, and civic organizations to collaborate with their stakeholders in an accessible, participatory, and equitable way.


Simply Local


Backdoor Survival

Survival Pulse

Survivalist Blog


Prepper Groups

Prepper Link

American Preppers Network includes state by state groups.

The Covert Prepper

Resilient Life


Sovereign Grace Singles

Survivalist Singles

Prepper Dating

Farmers Only (a dating site)

Christian Mingle (a paid membership site)


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