Besides a framed home or cabin, or mobile home we have these, sort of listed from the instant, quick, and easy to the permanent but more labor intensive construction …

Trucking Container – Instant! But beware that the walls can be cut through.

Septic Tank – can be buried on a property and used for storage before moving there. These, however, are very small and the access in and out is not convenient. For a storm shelter type construction, check out this do-it-yourself cinder block and concrete method (the concrete is delivered and poured by a concrete company). It is quite inexpensive.

Surplus Army Tent

Yurt – I love yurts! They can range from being basically tents to being constructed as permament homes.

Arched Cabin – This is simple, cheap, and elegant. One could be built on an 8 foot wide flatbed trailer, or on a mobile home frame … or  …

RV Trailer – You need a truck that can haul it, but this is instant shelter wherever you want it! A fifth wheel hitch 4-wheel drive diesel truck and trailer is not a cheap alternative. Even buying used and fixing up the trailer will come in at something like $20k (in 2016).

Pup Conversion – Handy Links

Gone with the Wynns – RVing

Motor Home – Like the above RV Trailer, but saves the cost of owning a truck to haul it.

Tiny Home and the Salvage Materials Tiny Home (and get free plans)

Trailered Tiny Home

Build modular 8 x 10 or 8 x 12 sheds on skids that can be hauled on a flatbed trailer.

Concrete Tent – An inflatable tent made of “concrete” cloth that you inflate and spray down. It the concrete sets and the structure is habitable after 24 hours. A sort of similar technology, but for building homes is The Dome. “Our figures show that if we build a dome from the ground up through final completion, as opposed to just building the shell and allowing the owner to do the finish out, that the monolithic dome will cost approximately 25% more than the wood home. …

Geodesic (and other) Domes and Design – This site has a calculator in case you want to build your own geodesic dome: Dome Calculator

Rammed Earth – You can buy bags and fill with dirt, or stack and fill tires. Here is a video. Build as simple or luxurious as you like. Check out the Earth Ship.

Empty bags for sale

$0.38 per bag
18″ x              30″ Polypropylene Bags
$0.57 per bag but bigger
23″ x              36″ Polypropylene Bags
super bag for            sale

The Bonus Mobile Home

If you can buy a property with a “bonus” mobile home on it (one that adds no cost to the property), and you can set aside $10,000 or so in 2020 dollars, you should be able to restore the home to excellent condition and move in! Some random pieces of that process are below:

  • Be sure to inspect for and fix all water leaks!
  • You can install Stacked Stone skirting to make the home look more like a home.

Join us at Tsu!

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