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Random notes and links on Homesteading…

If you want to homestead, and “revitalize a culture of independent family farms,” visit the Animal Welfare Approved, Farmers page.

Mississippi State University Extension Service Gardening

Check the Old Farmers Almanac calendar for planting times for 30 common veggies.

What would you like to grow? The Moringa Tree? The 8 best herbs for permaculture gardening or permaculture for profit? Something else? Check the blog menu for the subpages under this page for more ideas. I can hardly stand to use any herbicides or pesticides, so I should read a few of the 50 most important books on organic gardening. But before even doing that, the primary thing is the soil. If your soil is right (it’s alive), your plants will be healthy and pest-resistant.

Soil Testing

Soil is alive and needs to be healthy or your plants will be sickly. Most soil tests are inadequate. Use CSI (Crop Services International). You can test your soil using baking soda and vinegar.

No Till gardening in Heavy Clay

Fertilizing Elements


Mitleider (sp?) Gardening uses sawdust or rice hulls and you fertilize with minerals on a schedule. Stunning results!


Structured Water

Date: Mon, Sep 17, 2012 at 5:41 PM
Subject: NAW tomatoes WOW, Doc Russ

Mr. Laphon Puyo’s garden, where his amazing tomatoes are fed with NAW structured  water. He writes:

I am retired close to the city of Pau in France, and let me inform you about the results I have thanks to Natural Action Structured Water. Baths feel better, pH is stabilized to 7, I don’t have to use pH reducer anymore. And these tomatoes are out of this world!

Nematodes kill ants, including fire ants, and multiply while doing so. Then they range out in the soil looking for grubs and other soil pests.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is totally nontoxic but has tiny sharp edges that cut up soft insects that encounter it. These sharp edges are so small that if you buy food grade DE you can eat it. Eating it will cut up and kill intestinal worms, but also it contains a lot of silica which your body needs to build collagen. About 80% of your body’s dry weight is collagen. DE is very cheap (shop around).

Hydrogen Peroxide will strengthen plants against diseases, pests, and parasites. Check out Using Hydrogen Peroxide in the Garden.

Strong Acid Water, which is a 2.5 pH water produced by the Kangen machine, makes an excellent non-toxic spray for your plants. It will kill or repel many insect pests. It sounds as though it would be caustic (and burn your skin) with such a low pH, but it doesn’t. It kills germs and I use it around the house, like on countertops and such.

Baking Soda for the Garden has numerous uses, from testing and amending soil to kiling fungi.

The Worm Tower – The easiest way I’ve seen to have worms enrich your garden. Composting is not necessary! The link is gone! Cut a 4 or 5 foot 8-12 inch plastic pipe, drill holes in it and stand it in the middle of your garden with the end in the ground. Toss your kitchen scraps in it and let the worms do the rest.

Weed Gardening!

Plant cilantro and basil to repel pest insects.

Leaf mulch is supposed to be the healthiest mulch to use, for your soil culture, but I have seen cedar mulch recommended to repel insects.

A perennial habitat near your veggies is advised to host predating insects (beneficials). See

Milkweed hosts aphids, which bring in ladybugs. The aphids stay on the milkweed, but the ladybugs range.

Cover crops that attract beneficials: buckwheat, cowpea, sweet clover, fava bean, vetch, red clover, white clover, and mustards. Time these crops to overlap your garden veggies. See

Beneficials can overwinter in comfrey.

Sugar water (3/4 cup sugar to a quart) attracts and feeds non-stinging wasps (beneficial insects). Oil of wintergreen attracts beneficials.


Free downloadable Companion Planting Guide

When all else fails, use, Weed-be-Gone

Vinegar: 1 gallon
Epson Salts: 2 cups
Dawn Dishsoap: 1/4 cup (the blue original)

One Tree: Over 92 Nutrients and 46 Natural Antioxidants

One Tree: Over 92 Nutrients and 46 Natural AntioxidantsCONTRIBUTOR: Natural Society. Moringa leaf powder. Moringa oleifera is a tree native to the Himalayas and cultivated throughout the subtropics. Also called the ‘drumstick tree’ due to its odd shape, moringa oleifera grows very well in numerous climate types and offers many health benefits. It has over 92 nutrients and 46 natural antioxidants, as well as anti-inflammatory…

And some resources…

Start a 1-Acre, Self-Sufficient Homestead

The Urban Farming Guys – open source low-tech technologies for your homestead!

Backyard Food Production, Marjory Wildcraft

Permaculture Wiki

Koi Pond

Grow Potatoes in a Barrel

Join us at Tsu!

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