Mittleider and No-Dig Gardening


Get or mix up the Mittleider minerals formula. Lay out the garden with 1″ fall per 30′. Us a #57 drillbit to drill into pvc pipe for dribble holes. Don’t glue the joints.

Pre-planting: Sprinkle 1 oz/ft on the row.

Weekly: Sprinkle 1/2 oz/ft on the row.

Use a Melnor 2 zone aquaTimer to time the watering.


The ground responds to being dug (as in plowed or roto-tilled, etc.) by re-covering itself with weeds. You can minimize this by not digging:

Don’t dig (except the minimum to lay in a water system as per above). But you do need to remove docks and shrubs. Other than that, just lay 6″ of mulch over the ground. In a humid climate slugs will hide under hay mulch and come out to eat your plants, so use compost or horse manure (horse manure won’t burn plants). This will kill the weeds under it.

Pave your pathways with cardboard once or twice as needed. It can be allowed to disintegrate in place.

Plant stuff.

Joila! You’re done! This seems to me to be the core of the Dowding method.

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