The Permaculture Homestead

The Homestead, a Philosophy

by Michael Knox

Food, health and the situation today

Physical health depends upon healthy food. Healthy clean water and air are also  necessary; however, naturally healthy food has the inherent quality to detox the body from impurities found in the water and in the air.

Ever since the usurpation  of our food by large industrial farming, man has gradually become sicker. Government is the number one funder of big agro. After we become sick from the industrial food, we become subject to the industrial system of medicine, which is also heavily backed and funded by the government. Since the industrial medical system is way more expensive than most people’s income, they need financial aid in order to pay their exorbitantly high medical bills. By the way, this industrial central banking system, which, you guested it, is another form of the government, providing the money necessary. In the end, the  person finds himself  pinned under massive amounts of debt. It is not a coincidence that we the citizens are the only ones who do not profit from this system.

Present day Industrial farming.

Farmers admit that the chemicals they use have to be made stronger every year. It is these chemicals and the destruction they reap upon the soil, which make us sick. Most fertilizers are mineral or petroleum based. The most common herbicide is glyphosate, or also known as Round Up. This product was originally intended to clean boilers of their mineral deposits. When the glyphosate and water solution was drained from the boilers onto the soil, it was noticed that it killed everything it came in contact with – grass, weeds, brush and even trees. Since the 1970’s this deadly chemical has been widely used as an herbicide in industrial agriculture as well as in home gardening.

Recently, to make matters worse, seeds have been genetically modified in order to grow in this toxic glyphosate soil. These are known as Round Up Ready seeds. The seed itself is modified to be immune to the deadly glyphosate. This serious alteration of the seed’s genetics is in no way natural to our body’s stored memory of codes found in the plant world. When consumed, not only does the body deem such food as a threat, but worse, the food in turn strips the body of its essential minerals and vitamins. Minerals enable the electrons to flow in the body. Electricity enables the organs to function.  Thus the lack of minerals means a shortage of electricity or voltage for the organs to properly function. Vitamins are also vital for life. Hence, with the prolific use of these chemicals in the process of growing food has also directly caused a serious deficiency in essential vitamins. Ultimately glyphosate, artificial fertilizers and pesticides destroy the microbial eco-structure of the soil, as well as its proper balance of nutrition.

Vitamin stores to the rescue. 

Due to the industrial agro-chemical damage to our soil and food, supplementing with vitamins is a must today. However, supplementing a diet with vitamins and minerals cannot be compared to a diet based upon healthy natural food. First of all, not all vitamin and mineral supplements are from natural food sources. Many are synthetic or derived from sources which are not found in our diet. Second, vitamins and minerals are not absorbed, utilized and discharged in the same manner as natural foods. Further they seriously lack the natural holistic balance and durability for the  the body. Supplements are not the answer for a seriously damaged food chain.

True soil science.

Modern agriculture has proven that chemical farming perpetrates ill health. As Dr. Rudolf Steiner, the founder of Biodynamic gardening taught in 1920, that artificial elements employed to stimulate plant growth will not provide proper nutrition. Instead they will destroy the health of those who eat such food. As he explained, whatever is used on top of the soil, directly impacts and effects the gut and microbial life for man and animals. The gut is the essence of man’s health. This is his strength and immunity to disease, because it contains an incredibly vast world of healthy bacteria. It is this complex culture of bacteria which ultimately determines the health of the person. In the past, the natural farming methods enhanced the soil, which in turn enhanced this microbial life in the gut. The opposite is the case today. Modern industrial agriculture soil is now highly toxic, producing in turn, toxic and weak plants.

Food is no longer food. 

Food has now become an enemy to the body. Within a hundred years the essence and purpose of food has been greatly altered. Such an alteration, by its very nature, would necessarily impact man’s health and survival. However, with every serious problem, God always provides an answer. The answer is found in going back to the original methods of farming.

What about Organic?

Just as vitamin and mineral supplements emerged as a solution to our modern chemical base agricultural farming, so too has organic farming. The problem is that the two of these have not addressed the main problem, namely to revert to the old methods of farming and restore the soil. Instead they have profited from the problem. Organic products started off as a grass roots initiative. Small farmers took it upon themselves, probably for their families, to go back to producing food the natural way,  i.e. the absence of chemical base stimulants and restore the soil. As small producers, they took personal care that the soil was balanced with profitable bacteria, super microbes from  underground life (worms), using natural seeds and clean water.

Like all good things which go bad, then the government became involved. The government created a separate branch of industrial agro in order to regulated the new movement for organic food. Instead of addressing the true problem with our food, it rather regulated, in a broad sense, what was meant by organic growing. If farmers met this broad spectrum of conditions, and of course, pay their fees, permits, inspections and taxes… then, they would be granted the status as an organic farmer. Otherwise they would be forbidden to sell their products. So instead of the small farmer meticulously nurturing his soil to produce rich healthy food, another industry emerged from big agro called organic.

Unfortunately, the broad governmental regulations gave license to produce food with slightly higher nutrition, but sold at a much higher cost. The broad conditions set by the government permit organic farmers to use fields which were formally toxic with industrial chemicals. Organic farmers are permitted to add manure with that soil and then plant their seeds. That sufficed to be labeled as organic and earn the trust of the buyer who is wanting healthier produce. I have personally heard stories of organic farmers using artificial means. They told the workers to “burn the fertilizer bags” so that when the government inspectors came, there would not find any evidence. Organic, so it would seem, has missed the target. I am sure there are some honest organic farmers out there, who are producing better food than most. The small farmer in the beginning had the right intention – quality not quantity and done the natural way by focusing upon the soil.

Organic means going back to the original method. Originally, it was the rich microbial soil which produced healthy food. For organic to be truly organic, the soil must be chemical free. The essential microbial balance ranging from all forms of life and non life must constitute the essence of this soil, and not just a spreading of cow manure. The plant cannot truly be organic if the soil is not organic.

What is the Solution?

If anyone wants proper health or even to be cured from a serious ailment, the most fundamental approach is to eat naturally healthy food grown in the proper soil. Any other method is masking the problem. Unfortunately, certitude is definitely lacking on whether the food we are eating is truly healthy, unless, we personally visit and know the farm producing the food. The body will always respond to healthy raised food. Producing naturally healthy food can be done on any scale and place on this earth.

Start with the soil.

The soil is actually as complex as a human cell and vast as the stars in the universe. God has provided all these elements in the soil for every need of our body. Every stage which the earth has evolved from God’s creation was intended for man’s benefit. From volcanoes erupting to floods and the centuries of life dying off, all of these provided the soil with life. Since the soil must be vast in its plentitude of elements for growing healthy plants, so too must be the means to restore it.

These are some of the means to restore the soil. Each will be briefly addressed. They are:

  1. Extraction of toxins in the soil.
  2. Reestablish the super microbes back into the soil.
  3. Balance of natural fertilizers.
  4. Protect the soil with mulch.
  5. Map out planting in a permaculture design.
  6. Use natural insect deterrents.
  7. Use restructured water.
  8. Use scalar energy to enhance growth and the plant’s vital system of immunity.
  9. Use heirloom seeds.
  10. Schedule planting and harvest.

Extraction of toxins in the soil. 

Just as healthy medicine has little effect when the body is full of toxins, so too for the soil. Healthy plants become unhealthy food when the toxins in the soil have not been removed. Industrial agro lands are void of microbe and worm life. The worms and smaller bugs have been killed from the toxic chemicals. However, not all of the toxins can be easily removed, because a lot of chemicals are sprayed daily upon the earth via geo-engineering of the weather, or also known as geo-engineering. This massive world  agenda  employs heavy metals to manipulate and control weather patterns as well as spray very harmful chemicals upon the earth surface. As man continues to usurp God’s design for food, it is not surprising that he is doing the same by attempting to control the weather. Go to  or view the countless official documents in which governments boast about owning the weather by 2025.

Do to this, detoxing the soil from these sprayed toxics is an ongoing effort. This method of detoxification of the soil is made easy by using toxic eaters. I will mention these in brief. Mushrooms consume virtually all known toxins and convert them to agreeable matter for the soil. Super microbes also do the same. Worms do the same when the heavier toxins have been initially rid from soil. These in turn create super microbes, which further this consumption of toxins to finer degree. Pyramids structures placed over the garden areas also restructure the soil. More will be discussed below about this ancient technology.

Reestablishing the super microbes back in the soil.

Once the heavier toxins have been reduced by planting mushrooms, then a heavier dose of super microbes are added to propagate and continue the clean up process. Ideally for these to effect all of the soil, top and bottom, a blanket of mulch should be applied to keep the soil moist, cool and protected from the harsh sun. Again, due to geoengineering, the UV levels are too high for exposed soil. Super microbe formulas can be purchased, like EM1, or they can be made according to the biodynamic methods of Dr. Steiner. The key is to protect and propagate these super microbes in the soil. In doing so the mineral and beneficial nutrients will increase in the soil. For this reason, tilling the soil is never recommended, especially if mulch has been used on top of the soil.

Cultivating worms is extremely beneficial. The worms continue the process of propagating super microbes and their subtle efforts are actually sufficient for the turning of the soil. Worms consume larger nutrients within the soil like the natural fertilizers (leaves, plants and manures) and produce smaller microbial nutrients for the plant to absorb.

In turn, when we eat these plants, we eat the super microbes within the natural balance of the plants. These provide microbial life for the gut and detox our body of heavy metals and other toxins. This form of soil is full of fulvic and  humic minerals which also naturally detox the body. The Conventional industrial  agro food does the direct opposite of all these.

Balance of natural fertilizers.

This technique is as vast as the species of animals and non-life  matter found upon this earth. Compost is not limited to just cow manure and leaves. Nor should the soil’s natural fertilizer be limited to a few ingredients. The natural fertilizers applied on top of the soil and/or mulch, should range from the manure produced by rabbits, goats, sheep, cows and chickens to crushed rocks and sacrificial plants. There is basically no limit. The greater the variety the better the final product.

Normally gardeners remove stones from a garden. Just the opposite should be done. Stones leach minerals into the soil. Worms need these minerals to survive. A balance of minerals for the plants means a healthy mineral balance for us. Also, worms eat the smaller form of the minerals and produce those same nutrients, but in smaller form, so that the plants are able to absorb them. This function of the worms is very similar to the function of enzymes in the body. Enzymes break down the food small enough so that the cells can benefit from what was eaten. Without enzymes the cells become weak or die from starvation.

Sacrificial plants are an excellent source of national nitrogen. Sacrificial plants are other plants which are trimmed or cut down to purposely feed the other good plants. These can be weeds, tree branches, ferns etc. The sacrificial plants are thrown on top of the soil near the desired plants. They provide a natural nitrogen, organic nutrients as well as food for worms and bugs. Bugs draw birds, birds also produce unique natural fertilizers for the land.

Among the minerals, the most important is probably silica. Silica is the mineral of longevity. Bamboo has the highest percentage of silica. A patch of bamboo on the property or in a greenhouse is a must. Bamboo plants filter water while at the same time supplement the soil with silica. Bamboo is a prolific plant. It requires maintenance, so the trimmings are best placed upon the ground for the plants to absorb the silica and nitrogen. Mulching bamboo for the blanket needed on top of the soil is definitely the best.

Protect the soil with mulch. 

Conventional industrial farming employs tilling the soil and drenching it often with water. They expose the soil to the sun which dries up the most beneficial section of the soil, the top soil. This inhibits the roots from absorbing nutrients. Copious amounts of water is required to maintain a necessary dampness for the plant roots. As water levels are decreasing due to geoengineering, conservation of water is an effort which needs to begin now, not for the future. A natural mulch blanket, as observed in a forest, is the solution. God is the Author of this method.

This method for the garden is to place a variety of mulch on top of the top soil. The greatest effect of this mulch blanket is that it seals the moisture in the soil. The mulch regulates the quantity of water by capturing it and gradually dispenses it via gravity into the soil. Due to this blanket, minerals are sealed in the soil and made absorbable for the roots. This actually encourages the roots of the plant to grow. The larger the roots the larger the plant. The more nutrients the plant can absorb in the soil, the more we benefit. The soil under this mulch blanket always remains soft, moist, cool and protected. So not only is tilling of the soil unnecessary, to do so would destroy the nitrogen content. The plants retain much more water and therefore their fruit provide excellent hydration. Bodily hydration is critical for good health. This is best achieved by eating naturally hydrated plants, not by drinking a lot of water. Note that no sooner did glyphosate appear in our food, so did bottled water appear in the stores. Glyphosate dehydrates the body by stripping it of its minerals. This damage from the deadly glysophate is actually reversed when the soil is protected by a mulch blanket.

Tilling the soil supposedly controls the weeds. This is simply not true. When the roots of the weeds are tilled into the soil, they produce more weeds. Present day organic farms hand pluck their weeds. However since their soil is exposed and dry, roots often break when weeding. The opposite is true with a mulch covered garden. Weeding is made very easy and full root extraction is most effective. Since the soil with the mulch cover remains moist, weeds are entirely extracted when the plant is pulled from the soil. Mulch covered soil prevents erosion and is not damaged by storms and wind. For more information on this technique go to Back to Eden gardening.

Planting in a permaculture design.

Permaculture refers back to how nature was designed. God is the author of nature. It is man’s responsibility to observe and follow that method. Modern industrial agriculture is the direct opposite of a permaculture design. In nature we never observe fruit trees in rows nor the same type of plants growing together in one large area. Most especially we never see uncovered soil. In the permaculture design, plants and fruit trees are scattered and producing plants are in the midst of many other  non-producing plants. Not only is this beneficial for the soil, but it also confuses insects from locating a large section of plants. Scattering the crop creates a balance in soil nutrition.

The Permaculture design does not require heavy farming equipment and therefore it prefers variance in land levels. Whereas modern industrial agro needs heavy equipment and therefore it is limited to large flat lands. Since the permaculture design intends a natural self-propagation system, the higher parts of the land are used for live stock . Rain and gravity naturally distribute the nutrients from the livestock to the plants below. Horizontal water trenches are made on the hills to catch and slow down the rain water. This creates a natural spring in the under soil.

Trees are an absolute necessity. Modern industrial agro eliminates trees for more crops. That method actually destroys the most essential subtle nutrient provider. Forests close to the garden area provide micronutrients in the air for all the plants. The shade they provide produce various microclimates on the land, which enables the farmer to plant crops on the forest line. This part of the land actually has a very high content of soil nutrients. Mushrooms grow in the shade. So these are scattered throughout the forest to continue the process of extracting the toxins. Animals seek microclimates for shelter, better food and propagation. The more natural the permaculture design the easier a property can sustain itself.  Imagine a large prolific farm but with little labor. That is permaculture.

Natural insect deterrents. 

Note it does not say insect killing, as in insecticides. The truth is, what kills them kills us. Insects are not bad. If they eat some of our crop then it is a good sign that our food is healthy and edible. The opposite is also true. Insects also bring birds and other animals. This variety of animals provides a greater variety of fertilizer and life to the property.

Certain flowers actually repel certain insects. In a permaculture design, flowering plants are scattered among the producing plants in order to discourage the bad bugs and draw in the good ones, namely bees. The type of flowering plant should correspond to the insect problem. So if someone wishes to capture insects in order to feed fish or chickens, then in a certain section of the property, they plant those flowers which actually attract certain insects.

Building bird feeders and bird houses in the area is an excellent insect controller, not to mention an essential element for a permaculture design.

The purpose is not to eliminate all bugs but rather to gently control or at least deter them from affecting the majority of what we grow. There are plants which produce tiny thorns on their leaves. Certain bamboo shoots have these. The leaves can be picked and soaked in water. This solution is later sprayed on the desired plants to protect them.

Use of restructured water.

Not all water is the same. It could be said that water seeks to revert back into its original form. The structure of the water is the most important element of water. Most gardeners use public or canal water for their gardens. Of the two, the canal water would have the best structure. Public water contains chlorine, fluoride and who knows what else, which actually destroy the water structure. Structure means that the water clusters have an original beauty, very much like a snow flake. When water undergoes a harsh process, these beautiful clusters become deformed. Restoring this cluster form is necessary for healthy plant growth. Rain water is probably better than most water. However, due to geoengineering, rain water now has a high content of heavy metals. As rain water becomes scarce due to these weather controlling efforts, conserving and restructuring the water is our only hope.

Pyramids have been proven to enhance and restructure water. Pyramids are basically antennas for attracting scalar energy. Scalar energy is the underlying frequency and energy on which all life matter depends. Pyramids collect the scalar energy in the air and focus it in a concentrated defined area. When water is placed inside of a pyramid, the water reverts to its original form. The water clusters are beautified, impurities are eliminated and adverse elements like algae, mold, bacteria, viruses are prevented from propagating. It has been proven that even toxics and poisons in water are eliminated by the natural scalar activity captured by the pyramid. Quartz crystals, and at times a small amount of natural salt, are placed in the water containers in order to enhance the effect of this restructuring process by the pyramid.

Scalar energy to enhance growth and the plant’s vital immune system.

The pyramids can also be used to enhance plant growth. Egyptians discovered that scalar energy not only restructured water, but it also reconstructed DNA. We live in a corrupt culture and science which are immorally intent upon altering the DNA in matter, plants, animals and in us. God’s form is always the most perfect form because He alone possesses divine wisdom and knowledge. Therefore, the DNA in creation does not need to be tampered with nor altered by man.

When pyramids are placed over plants, they grow quicker, produce better fruit and actually become healthier. Seeds are also placed in the pyramid for a few weeks before planting. This ensures that the seeds germinate with greater success. When it comes to long time storage of food nothing outperforms the pyramid. Cold refrigeration is the method today. This method does not inhibit the growth of bacteria and mold. Refrigeration only slows the process.  Whereas when a pyramid is constructed like a cold storage container, it can preserve food virtually indefinitely. No electricity is required.

Heirloom seeds.

Heirloom means that the seeds are of an original strain. As previously mentioned, many types of seeds have been genetically modified. Many also have been coated with an insecticide formula, so that when the plant matures the insecticide grows with it. For naturally rich healthy food, these altered seeds must be avoided. Heirloom seeds are now available in most gardening stores and on the internet. In permaculture gardening, seeds are only purchased once. The future harvest of seeds is taken from the plants.

When to plant and when to harvest.

The plants in our planetary system play an important role in gardening. Dr. Rudolf Steiner taught that the deeper soil is controlled by Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Whereas the top soil he attributed to Venus and Mercury. The moon pertains to the life cycle of plant and when they should be planted and harvested. This roughly corresponds to planting above ground crops during the time when the moon is getting brighter, and planting below ground crops when the moon is getting darker.

During a waxing moon while light is increasing, sow and transplant flowering annuals and other  short-lived plants from which you’ll harvest leaves, seeds, flowers, or fruits. The waxing moon is also a good time for adding liquid fertilizers like homemade compost or comfrey tea to the garden. Lastly, the increased flow of moisture in long lived plants makes the waxing moon a good time for grafting shrubs and trees. During a waning moon while light is decreasing, sow plants which depend on strong root systems such as root crops and perennials. The waning moon is also a good time for solid soil amendments such as  worm castings. Pruning can also be completed during the waning moon in dormant periods of the year when sap flow is decreased. Lastly, harvesting crops is well suited to the waning moon.

A more involved method of gardening by the moon involves dividing garden tasks into the four quarters of the moon cycle rather than just the waxing and waning moon. The four quarters  are: the new moon, first quarter moon, full moon and last quarter moon.

Implementing these methods for gardening will produce incredibly nutrient rich food as God created and intended for us to produce. These principles and methods are based entirely upon the science found in nature. The encouraging thing about following this method is that the soil will gradually become richer in minerals, making all of the food take on a very sweet flavor. However, what makes all of this possible is that the most beneficial element in the soil, the super microbes, are restored and given the perfect environment to multiply. These microbes are the life of the soil, which super abundantly enhance ours.

The reason to go further than the restoration of food.

There is something seriously wrong with all of society today. The entire foundation of society, governments, human laws, finance, religion and education have adopted destructive false principles. These principles stem from a false philosophy known as existentialism. Which basically teaches that subjective truth prevails over objective reality. Pope St. Pius X wrote in his encyclical  Pascendi, that if Modernism (which is existentialism applied to theology) is not eradicated from the clergy and society, it will infect all of society and gradually destroy it.

This is exactly what we see happening today. It is rather obvious that this heresy, including its handmaid in philosophy, has destroyed the order of reason in our generation. Schools and colleges openly teach it, the medical and technical professions have eagerly adopted it, politics is thoroughly contaminated with it, wars have been fought because of it, Rome has fallen by teaching it and our entire unstable economic system is based entirely upon it. It would be worthwhile to address all of these, but at this moment, the faulty economic system and its consequences will be touched upon.  Again this is addressing what we can do for ourselves in these perilous times. Producing healthy food is only a part of the solution.

The Economic system.

True economics is based upon solid principles of surplus and trade. Commerce, when expressed in the form of money, was always based upon something which possessed true physical wealth and enduring value. Coins were stamped with image of Caesar, not based upon him as a person, but rather upon what his empire possessed in order to back up the value of that physical currency. Gold and other precious metals were always used for the standard of currency or estimation of wealth.

However, since the late 1800’s, all of this has drastically changed. Economics is now based upon baseless currency, debt, purchases, emotion, and information, whether true or false. Today’s money is based upon a private inalienable private institution known as the Federal Reserve. This private entity claims the power to print money out of thin air. It also claims to be uncontrollable by any leader, government or human entity. It creates money if there is any form of need for it. This baseless money is later given to the Central Banks, which in turn distribute it to the smaller banks for loans, purchases, paying debts etc.

This form of system is defined as an inflationary system of currency. The currency, by its very nature cannot sustain any form of value, therefore as it devaluates it creates inflation. Gradually material things become more expensive under this system, not because that material thing, like for instance a house, gains in value, but rather because the money itself devaluates. Before long, this inflation creates a system of purchasing based entirely upon loans and debt. While this monitory devaluation is happening, the Federal Reserve demands interest payments for the money they created out of thin air.

This demand for interest, the swimming in debt and the constant need for loans prevents any economic system from truly prospering. Instead it fluctuates in highs and lows until in eventually it hits bottom. When the debt becomes physically impossible to pay off, physical currency is more difficult to obtain and ultimately the need for creating more debt is not present, the entire system crashes.

This has happened to many countries already. Up until now most of these have been limited to a single country. However, since all countries have adopted this form of monitory system, except for  Syria, Iran and Cuba, all countries are beginning to show obvious signs of major collapse. All of them carry  each other’s debt, loans and trade agreements, which means it will be a domino effect. When will this happen? No one seems to know, or at least we are not told.  However the signs will be there before it does occur. Signs such as – a superficially inflated stock market (when companies buy their own stocks), unpayable debt (the present world debt is at 240 trillion dollars), inflation of products (the true percentage of inflation is never disclosed), fractional amount of physical cash is available for emergency (only 3% of the currency is real physical dollars, the other 97% is electronic), a decline in major loans (the falling housing market is always the first sign) and many other signs. These are actually present in today’s market.

What can be done?

If, and more like when, a major collapse occurs, possessing sufficient physical currency to survive will be futile. First of  all, there is not enough physical currency available to help everyone. That is what perpetrated the Great Depression. The majority of the currency was held by the banks and the rich. Also consider that, due to our fiat currency and inflation, 78% of people today live day to day on their weekly paycheck, while only 12% or so have less than ten thousand in savings. This savings is in the worst of all places, the bank and the stock market.

If a major collapse happens it will most definitely impact all of society. Grocery stores will be without food in a matter of days, transportation of products will virtually come to a halt, ATM and banks will be locked and even clean drinkable water could be difficult to find. As of recent this has already happened to many countries: Argentina, Greece, Venezuela and many others.  However, these financial collapses, as bad as they were, cannot be even begin to be compared to a global collapse.

A viable solution. 

A self -sustainable land will probably be the only means of survival if such a collapse occurs. Such land may not be possible for every individual to prepare, however, depending upon the area, for a community, most certainly. A land which is remote, inconspicuously productive, diverse in its own resources,  self-sustaining and protected will be a life saver. Is this possible? Absolutely!

Overall property design.

The proper gardening method is only one part of the many important elements to prepare. The property can also provide its own electrical power, food, water, animals, food storage, renewable resources, medical needs, shelter and protection. For all of this to go smoothly, many things must first be taken in consideration. The location of the land is the most important. Its location should be far enough away from a major town. Local  neighbors are manageable, but within walking distance of a major town or city is not. Topography of the land should have variance. A flat land is not as good as a property in the hills or mountains. A forest, creeks and streams are an absolute must! The creek can be used to produce personal hydro power, either AC or DC current, depending upon the distance. Solar is too conspicuous, expensive, fragile in storms and produces less than 1/2 the output a small hydro generator system. The creek can also provide water for the animals, raising fish, irrigation and use for grey and black water. If there is not a well or spring on the property, the creek water can be filtered with a sand filtration, detoxed by mushrooms and finally reconstructed by the use of a pyramid. The forest will provide life to all the plants and livestock. The wood can be used for heating, cooking, making furnishings as well as for barter. Food gardens can be planted in various parts of the forest. This will make them less conspicuous. The soil in forests is sufficient to provide the needs for the plants and fruit trees. Frame style pyramids can be constructed around the property parameter. These have been known to calm incoming storms and to provide more scalar energy for all life on the property.


In the time of a major economic collapse, not only is money basically scarce, but most especially fuel. Vehicles today do not have good fuel economy so eventually fuel tanks will become empty. It may sound funny, but owning a horse, mule or donkey is a cheap form of transportation in any time. I personally have been able to use restructured distilled pyramid water in a large hydrogen DC generator to generate sufficient gas to run a car engine. This could work for a number of uses, like a car,  backup generator, gas powered water pump or for a wood mill. Obviously as days pass in the time of a major collapse, it would not be prudent nor safe to be driving any vehicle for a long period nor runny too many motors.

Home construction.

Climate permitting, the best and least expensive form of construction is with sand bags. It sounds primitive, however many of these homes when finished are indistinguishable from modern style homes. Most often the sand or dirt is taken from the property. If someone wishes to install a pond for fish, the dirt can be used to build the home and other  out-buildings. If the climate is cooler, the inner walls can be insulated. Sandbag construction is earthquake proof, water proof, bulletproof, soundproof and retains a constant temperature all year round. Container construction is also feasible. Some are inserted into a hill.

Food storage.

Food storage will be extremely important. The longer the food can last the less we need to produce.  Electrically powered refrigeration depends entirely upon having constant or periodic power. That may not always be available. The sand bag method can be used to make an outdoor pyramid cold storage. Vegetables, grains, eggs and even meat can last indefinitely in a pyramid cooler, because bacteria, mold, viruses and germs are unable to grow in the pyramid’s scalar energy atmosphere. Imagine eating eggs and fruit that are over a year old. No refrigeration can compare to this.

Pyramids do not require electricity to operate. They produce their own independent power. Russia has been experimenting with pyramids for decades. They discovered that pyramids can electrically charge large capacitors. I learned the same from my own experiments with pyramids. The ancient pyramids, seen from an aerial view, reinforces this recent discovery. That being the case, it is entirely feasible, in theory at this point, to have a pyramid(s) constantly charge many large super capacitors which can be manually discharged into lead storage batteries. The lead storage batteries can either provide DC power, or AC with an installed inverter.  This form of power would not only be constant and free, but more importantly in a crisis, totally silent.

Security in such times.

In the time of the Great Depression, men were for the most part gentlemen and naturally virtuous. Indeed, some heinous crimes were committed, but overall, people were civil, polite and honest. Crime is always low when society maintains a reverential fear and respect toward Almighty God.  Unfortunately that will not be the case today if a major collapse occurs. The moment this system collapses, horrendous crimes will be taking place everywhere and done for mere survival. It is speculated that personal firearms may be restricted or confiscated before all this happens. Whether this happens or not, ammunition for personal firearms will be extremely hard to find and buy, not to mention a dangerous risk.

It is impossible to prepare for all situations, however there are certain things that can be prepared that do not create a dependency upon purchasing future things for protection. Hydrogen gas can be produced with little effort. It can act as an alternative gun powder.  Of course, this gas is not used in the cartridge. An entirely different form of barrel is made for this gas. All of which can be purchased beforehand at a local hardware store. Dogs are a must, but not just any kind of dog. Those breeds which have an instinct to protect, patrol and alert are the best. Keep in mind that thieves poison dogs before they enter properties. The number of dogs, where they are placed and how they are trained are important. Positioning the home, garden and animals on a greater advantage point on the property is also important. Lastly a community of homes is the best form of protection.  I would advise the reader to refer to a survival book for more information. However, what should be evident is that it is not too difficult to prepare a home for relative security.

Whether a collapse occurs in our life time or not, we certainly know that we have lost much of our freedoms and health in the past few decades. It is pretty certain that our Godless society will only continue to spiral down. These guidelines can certainly restore, at least in our private life, the God given right to live a self-sufficient and very healthy life.