Pickling and Canning

There is nothing better for you than live pickled foods, from cucumbers to cabbage (sauerkraut). And pickles don’t require any refrigeration for storage.

I am not posting pickling instructions just now, but I can say this much. If you keep things clean, cut the vegetables so that the natural yeasts and whatnot can get into them, then  add enough salt so that the vegetables are a bit saltier than you would like to eat them, then submerge them so air doesn’t get to them you are just about done. Give them awhile to ferment – at least two weeks. They can’t be sealed. The fermentation process produces gases that need to escape. That’s what’s tricky: “air” out but no air in. You can buy special jars that have special lids for this.

… which leads me to the reason for this post. These jars have wire-bail tops and I forgot how to assemble them! Had the wire parts upside down and couldn’t figure it out. Well it wasn’t possible upside down.

So here is how you assemble a wire bail canning jar lid in case anyone should not know, or um, forget!

Pickling vegetables that are cucumber-like is probably not the place to start. It is hard, I’m told, to produce a crisp cucumber pickle.

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