The Sculptures

(iCliks: These spheres are created by Arnoldo Pomodoro – well not all of them. The one at the World Trade Center is by Fritz Koenig, for example. The sphere at the world trade center was damaged in the terrorist attack of 9/11, but remained intact enough to be put up as a symbol of the enduring human spirit. The other spheres seem to be inspired by it. Lamberto Dini, Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs, said this about the sphere at the U.N. that was donated by the Italian government. “A sphere growing inside another sphere. As if a world torn asunder by the horrors of war and suffering could still give birth to another world: a more prosperous and just world. Within an international frame of peace and progress for generations to come. What better image for illustrating the primary role the United Nations are called upon to play: a global quest to build a new world wherein all peoples can co-exist peacefully and develop in freedom.”

It seems to me that these spheres also depict the birthing from within a planetary orb of what has been growing within it as life on the surface is broken apart. I think they represent and call for the unlocking of the gates of Hades. If the orbs also represent planet X then this “birthing” is also the casting down from heaven – arrival, from our perspective – of the fallen angels of Rev. 12:7-9.

In my opinion, Rev. 12:1 occurred astronomically on Sept. 30, 2011. So verses 2-9 are basically immanent. If these spheres reflect what happened “naturally” to the sphere at the World Trade Center, then this planetary birthing is expected to be instigated by disasters that will “break open” the shell encasing this new life. The concept parallels that of the Phoenix in pagan and occult and illuminized masonic symbology. For the Occultists, these orbs are intended as power objects, to project this reality into the world. They are placed at what are considered to be strategic locations to open gateways for these powers to manifest.)

The Creepiest Sphere on the Planet: Vatican’s Ominous Nibiru Sculpture Appears All Over the World

November 23, 2010 by

Copyright 11.23.2010 By Chase Kyla Hunter, All Rights reserved, Re-posts permitted leaving content and links intact.

I would suppose that very few world travelers have ever connected the dots between the nearly identical round, orb-like, planetoid spherical metal sculptures that are on display in Berkeley California, at the UN, in Dublin Ireland, Rome Italy [Vatican], and in several other prominent tourist locations in the world. Little has been written about the eerily identical spherical sculptures, yet Illuminati truth researchers well know what these “eroding planet-like spheres” all represent. They are sculptural representations of the [soon returning] planet Nibiru, also known as Planet X, Eris, the Winged Disc, the Destroyer and Herboculus.

This should be one of those “I told y’all so” essays where I wax poetic and rant on and on about how the evidence for a global Illuminati conspiracy and coverup concerning the imminent return of Nibiru will cause the poles to flip, governments to collapse, the Antichrist to come to world power and general worldwide pandemonium to ensue.

But since everyone saw “2012″ the movie, why bother? If you are alive, use the web at all, and have a pulse, you should by now be clever enough to have figured a few things out. Just in case you are not [clever enough] I will give you one more clue: the Vatican is involved in this Illuminati global coverup mess and everything that goes with it up to their satanic little eye teeth.

Ever notice photos of the Pope standing in front of a statue of an upside down [inverted] Christian cross? Things that make you go hmmmm. Well, I’ve said enough to send all my haters running to their fridges looking for some rotten veggies they can toss my way. But don’t believe me. Just have a gander at all the places in the world where practically the same exact spherical statue of Nibiru aka Planet X is installed for all to see. Then try to explain it to yourself. Have fun out there, in “oh no, it just can’t be true” land. I’ll be right here, in my darkly comedic bunker, writing, watching, praying, connecting, revealing, teaching: just like I always am. I’m not going anywhere.

Chase Kyla Hunter

Identical Spherical Sculptures of Nibiru Planet X Have Been Installed All Around the World

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