The Driverless Car Club

Musings on timesharing driverless cars on a car club basis (because you don’t want to share rides with or entrust your car to just any random axe murderer or car thief). Think about the car. There is no personal asset that we spend more for and use less. We buy a nice car and then it sits parked most of the time. That’s because we never had a driverless car before. My driverless car can drive me to work every day and drive my wife wherever she wants all day before it picks me up and takes me home (She doesn’t need a day job because now we don’t need to own and pay for two cars … and she doesn’t want a day job. I married a woman who would raise and educate my children.).

Vehicle Club Size

My original thought here is co-ownership among a close group of family and friends. Sharing a single car with a small group could work providing scheduling needs are pretty well understood by all participants from the outset. But on the other hand you may want co-ownership in multiple cars rather than one with a larger number of folks rather than less so that a car will be available when you need it.


wikiHow to Co-Own a Car

Co-Owning a Car

Call your Car

If you co-own a share in a driverless car or cars, you will have to schedule your rides.

Clock your Car

If you timeshare your car(s) they will have to report usage to your app so you can pay your fair share for time and mileage above and beyond whatever base monthly payment is agreed upon.

The iGrocery Car

iGrocery: I deliver! 1 800 XXX-XXXX

Very small cars can be retrofitted to carry groceries specifically from the store (Kroger and WalMart now take orders online and allow curbside pickup) to homes within a certain radius. Users can schedule deliveries such that they will be home to get their order from the car. The order can be in a locked container. Once this industry has developed, a robot can deliver the container from the car to the front door. Come to think of it UPS drivers will be replaced with robots at some point.