Cryptocurrency, or eCurrency, is a disruptive technology in the emerging fintech industry bringing a tidal wave of change to finance and commerce. There is an ecurrency in your future. It may be one produced by a national central bank or by some kind of world bank or by a private company or group. But before too long you will probably use some kind of ecurrency. Because most everyone will.

This technology will radically change the way things are done, and the company or group that finds the best way to introduce their ecurrency to the general consumer will become the next Microsoft, Apple, or Google. Personally, I think it may be a group called IPN. Members can get IPN’s e-currency (PROC) for $0.07 per coin through the end of June ($0.10 through July), and membership in IPN is free, but more than that I can not say here (since someone besides me may have introduced you). So for more information please fill out the form:

Buying Cryptocurrencies

eCurrency Exchanges (that serve the USA): Cryptopia offers a broad range of currencies. BitStamp is notably secure, having gotten a certification in the EU.

Coinbase lets you purchase Bitcoin or Etherium with a credit card. This is an easy way to get your first eCurrency. Then you can trade that for others. Circle lets you send money from a credit card and so I think you can use it to fund the eCurrency exchange of your choice. Speaking of which, here is the Craigs List of bitcoin: Local Bitcoin

The Bitcoin Credit Card (coming)

CryptoCoinsNews and the CryptoCoinTalk forum are pretty good resources on this general subject.

Or you can check in on CoinTelegraph, which is according to one expert the #1 cryptocurrency group in the world.

Michael Robinson, editor of Strategic Tech Investor, is following this industry from an investment perspective. I don’t know how good his stuff is, but he looks well credentialed to be doing it.

Shah Gilani, who looks to me to be a very talented investment writer, is also following it. Here is his, What Every Investor needs to Know about Trading’s Science Fiction Future.

Further Research

Meet the New Money

The Ideal Cryptocurrency

Is iProNetwork a Scam? (and iProNetwork is a Scam Update)

Visit the parent company: Pro Commerce


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