Crypto Investment Letters

Here are the letters I have found as of the end of 2017. If anyone has others, please let me know! The one I am the least sure of is the Altucher Report. It is also the cheapest, at $49/year, although he will try desperately to upsell you. I like Stansberry Churchouse because it also follows the China/Asia boom; and at $99/yr it is probably the best value here. The one I am most confident in is Palm Beach Confidential, although this one and the Dent product are both premium services. Dent looks excellent too, but I know the least about it. Agora’s Crypto Alert – another premium service – has apparently had to change horses. At of last summer it was edited by someone named Hutchinson, but I don’t see his name listed now when I visit their website. Here is the probable reason for the change. I would call the current team untested in this arena.

Altucher Report, $49/yr

James Altucher started working as a programmer in 1985 and besides being connected in the industry, reads blockchain code. In his free advice he likes Etherium and Zcash.

Stansberry Churchouse Research, $99/yr

Gold, Goats, n Guns, byTom Luongo, $4 (/month?), $12 (/month?)

The Crypto Alert, by Agora Financial

Palm Beach Confidential, by Teeka Tiwari

Michael Terpin, bundled into Dent Research’s premium service

The following I have not vetted at all.

Cryptocurrency Consulting Group

Cryptos R Us Insider $960/yr and it looks good.

Crypto Capital, by Tama Churchouse at Stansberry Research. $3,000/2 years