Crypto Investment Letters

Last Updated: March 20, 2018

Here are the letters I have found as of the end of 2017. If anyone has others, please let me know! The one I am the least sure of is the Altucher Report. It is also the cheapest, at $49/year, although he will try desperately to upsell you. I like Stansberry Churchouse because it also follows the China/Asia boom; and at $99/yr it is probably the best value here. The one I am most confident in is Palm Beach Confidential, although this one and the Dent product are both premium services. Dent looks excellent too, but I know the least about it. Agora’s Crypto Alert – another premium service – has apparently had to change horses. At of last summer it was edited by someone named Hutchinson, but I don’t see his name listed now when I visit their website. Here is the probable reason for the change. I would call the current team untested in this arena.

Altucher Report, $49/yr: James Altucher started working as a programmer in 1985 and besides being connected in the industry, reads blockchain code. In his free advice he likes Etherium and Zcash.

Stansberry Churchouse Research, $99/yr

Near Future Report, $74/yr ($37 for seniors!): by Jeff Brown, a Silicon Valley insider of over 25 years.

Palm Beach Confidential, by Teeka Tiwari – Promoted at $149 ($75 for seniors). He also has a premium service costing $1,000 plus. Bruno Fehr has a low opinion of him: “Comming from Teeka Tiwari, it is most likely a scam, Ponzi scheme or fraud. None of them good news or shocking. What does shock me is that there are people still giving him money to get nothing in return (Fehr).”

Gold, Goats, n Guns, byTom Luongo, has two levels that cost money, at $4 (/month?) or at $12 (/month?).

Altucher’s Crypto Trader, $2,000/yr, James Altucher and Kamal Ravikant. Altucher writes that Kamal is a phenomenal crypto analyst who is also an extremely connected venture capitalist in the “technology capital of the world,” Silicon Valley. He says, “Between the two of us, we have connections to nearly every successful hedge fund manager and venture capitalist from Silicon Valley to Wall Street.”

The Crypto Alert, by Agora Financial

Michael Terpin, bundled into Dent Research’s premium service

The following I have not vetted at all.

Cryptocurrency Consulting Group

Cryptos R Us Insider $960/yr and it looks good.

Crypto Capital, by Tama Churchouse at Stansberry Research. $3,000/2 years