OneCoin a Scam?

Notes from the Is OneCoin a Scam? I seen this on Google!!! series, by Ken Labine. The things below, unless icliks adds something in parenthisese, are what Ken Labine claims in the video., by Ken Labine

Cutting to the chase, I’ll skip ahead to “All in All“)

Back to the introduction: First, the ponzi scheme, pyramid scheme are defined vs. legitimate multilevel opportunity where there is actually a product being promoted ( (icliks: the OneCoin/OneAcademy mlm marketing plan never did get approved in the U.S. and the company decided to call it quits on that in the fall of 2016. In early 2017 the iPro Network opportunity was introduced in the U.S.)

Dr. Ruja’s Forbes cover a fake? The cover on Financial IT was not a fake, as claimed. ( Here you can see the February issue (if you don’t wait too long). ( (icliks: The February issue is a reprint of the January issue with the one article containing the interview with Dr. Ruja added. OneCoin paid for this.)

Brandvoice Forbes (in Europe) and Forbes (in U.S.) are two different magazines. Her front cover on Forbes was a paid advertisement on Brandvoice Forbes. ( It may have been a “second cover”.

Was OneCoin investigated in Finland? There have been many investigations of OneCoin, and the Finnish investigation was the biggest one to date. Their 6 month NDI (like FBI) investigation gave OneCoin a clean slate. ( (icliks: I have to presume all the other investigations also passed it, or we would be hearing about it from the bloggers. Also, this situation answers the question whether OneCoin can be stopped by calling it a scam. That has clearly been tried, and it has has only served to legitimize OneCoin.)

Seeva Canada received two charitable donations from OneCoin, but when it googled and found the blogger sites, it severed ties with OneCoin, and returned the donations. Ken (who is Canadian himself) called them, and they didn’t know anything Ken didn’t know. In fact, they learned from him.

The OneCoin Exchange has been taken down for maintenance more than once. This is to be expected. It has always been brought back up again, and it hasn’t meant the company was bankrupt or heading for the hills with everyone’s money. Claims that reps are not being paid are untrue says Labine. Actually one rep was cut off. He received a refund, and his tokens were taken back ( (icliks: As of early 2017 the OneCoin exchange, if by that he means,  remains “under maintenance” with no plans I know of to crank it up before 2018 at the earliest. Also, here is something regarding accounts being frozen.)

On Sept 17, 2015, cryptocurrency was made a commodity in the U.S. ( and this has required new paperwork on the part of OneCoin. (icliks: As of early 2017 I think there are no plans for OneCoin officially becoming a commodity in the U.S., but I could be wrong. Recruiting in the U.S. has been stopped voluntarily by the company, but existing members can keep their accounts and their OneCoins, etc.)

OneCoin enforces Know Your Customer (KYC). This is done because deregulated, anonymous, cryptocurrencies are not going to make it.

Changing banks. OneCoin has outgrown one or more banks and moved its business to to others. (

Sweden did not determine that OneCoin is a pyramid scheme. (

Fourth European SE Summit (

So in Part I we have so far that OneCoin has successfully scammed Branvoice Forbes, the governments of Finland and various other countries, numerous banks, and the European Union SE Europe Summit committee. Stay tuned for the incredible scam-ability of OneCoin as revealed in Parts II and III…


So, now with OneCoin declining to do business in the U.S., the U.S. group of members have largely migrated to iProNetwork. This begs the question, Is iProNetwork a Scam?

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