The Hal Saflienti Skulls

A primordial “shamanic ruling elite” and “repository of knowledge” would be expected to evolve if the story of the garden of Eden were historically true. Here is how it might work out. Woman, following in the sacred tradition of Eve, would become the repository of a special “civilizing” knowledge derived from a serpent-like being. A very limited number of people from within the population would be particularly able to enter into this state of consciousness and so would become a shamanic elite or priesthood and pass guidance from the serpent-race to the people at large. Such people could be male or female.

The existence of such a ruling elite actually is transmitted to our modern awareness through archaeological evidence and sacred traditions that are now considered as “myth”. Considering such archaeological evidence; and considering continuing contemporary reports of interaction and/or communication with “inter-dimensional” beings; and considering the content of continuing esoteric traditions – it is likely that myth, while certainly containing an element of fabrication, is built on a significant kernel of history.

So far there is no reason to regard this shamanistic elite as other than of human origin. However, members of this elite were regarded as gods. Additionally there is evidence that in addition to the inspiration of knowledge, certain individuals were actually able to interbreed with these serpent-gods and bear their offspring. Consider this:

In 2010 a leading Italian archaeologist, Vittorio di Cesare, visited the megalithic temple of Hal Saflienti, in Malta: a site thought to have been in use from as early as 4100 B.C. and continuing until 2500 B.C. He confirmed the existence of an unusually large and elongated skull that had been found there in 1985 that lacked the cranial knitting lines normal to homo-sapeans. He describes it as similar to skulls found all over the world from Egypt to South America from generally the same time frame. The skull type has been given the term, dolichocephaloid.

The skull at Malta was part of a collection of skulls not available for public viewing that were all found in one of the underground chambers of the Hal Saflienti temple, known as the hypogeum. This chamber had a sacred well dedicated to the Mother Goddess where the figurine of a sleeping goddess was found in association with a relic having a snake inscription on it. All the skulls in the collection exhibited similar characteristics1 to the one he had come to confirm, but none to its extreme degree. They were all similar enough to be regarded as of a single race, and according to Maltese archeologists one not indigenous to Malta. Di Cesare speculates that there was in these extremely ancient times a sacerdotal race of serpent priest/kings that was worshiped by the others – by the races that would today be considered human.

Di Cesare describes the ancient centers at Malta and the neighboring island of Gozo as, “places where ‘medical cures’ were conducted, oracles and ritual encounters with the priests of the goddess. There, on both the islands, existed many sanctuaries and thaumaturgic centers, where priests surrounded the healing goddess, direct expression of her divinity. It is well known that, in antiquity, the serpent was associated to the goddess and to healing capacities. The snake also belongs to the subterranean world. Therefore, a hypogeum dedicated to the goddess and the water cult was the right place for a sacerdotal group that was defined, in all the most ancient cultures, as the ‘serpent priests’.” He concludes saying, “there are reports of the ‘Serpent race’ or Snake Priests being in charge.” (The Mystery of Malta’s Long-Headed Skulls, by Vittorio Di Cesare and Adriano Forgione)

The image that emerges from this cave scene is one of ancestor worship, in which the matriarch is the deified woman living in the tradition or pattern of an Eve figure, illumined by the serpent. Given the dates proposed, this could have been Eve herself, or one of her daughters. This is the matriarch worshiped in these subterranean chambers. Then we have the one being with the uniquely giant dolichocephaloid skull. The giant is in the position of patriarch, given that there are none other like him. This first couple has children together, attested by the numerous skulls that display characteristics hybrid between this unique giant and the human form. These in their turn fill the ranks of a sacerdotal hybrid serpent-priest class.

This sacerdotal caste of dolichocephaloid hybrids does not mingle with the local people. They are seed of the gods. As the years pass more and more of these hybrids were born and served there, and were worshiped there, and died there. Finally in 1985 evidence of their existence was unearthed. Wild speculation? If this evidence stood alone, perhaps. But it does not.

1The skulls deformations among the collection that di Cesare reviewed were all natural and not subject to human efforts such as skull-binding. In addition to these, there is a larger number of skulls, some 7,000, that have been found at these sites, and many of them were deformed by artificial means.

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