Corporate Amerikka

(Not what you think.)


A Trump Connections Map.


From a discussion thread (I activated the links):

I’ve studied a lot of law and am not a BAR card member. I am pretty sure you already know the legal fiction of the US CORPORATION de facto government already captured nearly all the US 14th Amendment citizens as human capital. I believe this was done by HJR 192 by Congress on June 5, 1933. The CORPORATION parading as our organic government already “owns” us and our children and the fruits of our labors from 1933. This was set up by the 14th Amendment which made those who accepted benefits automatically owned chattel. We accept contracts for ourselves and our kids to be owned by the legal US fiction by signing Birth Certificates, Social Security, Voter registration, Passports etc. All these registrations have hidden adhesion contracts which make us/our children owned by TPTB. This is completely lawful, as they did it in plain-hidden site, and they gave us all remedy. It’s on the de jure Congressional records and 5 USC 903 etc. If you are unaware, you can’t use the remedy. As I understand, you must break away from the 14th Amendment benefits and reclaim your sovereignty. YOU own you and your kid(s), but you must know and act on this knowing. In today’s depraved world you must be able to defend this inalienable rights because TPTB forget the pretend governments derive authority from us, We the People who own our own authority! Filing UCC Financing Statements to reclaim your legal fiction helps too. Remedy is found through Common Law, not their UCC/Admiralty/Maritime law they implemented in 1938 to strip us of our rights in Erie Railroad vs. Tompkins. If it’s filed you’re playing their UCC game. Record things. Property is no longer ours, even our paid-for lands, they stripped us of alloidal rights (remedy via land patents I think). Hillary merely transferred the ownership of us – as has been on the books hidden in plain sight – from the US CORP to the CHINA CORP if you’re right Dave. Check out Freedom-School Texas and Barefoot’s World to learn more and extricate yourself and your family. Use the remedy they are required to provide for their evil deeds.We can’t even get them, because there is an out provided to us, however obscure. TPTB, unknown to us, convert our birth certificates to bonds and trade them with cuspid numbers for millions – our names, our cestui que vie trusts? Reclaim from the banksters and puppets like Hillary so no one owns your but you. Wake up to the massive fraud and illusions they’ve constructed. Dave, you rock! Keep shining your spotlight on the illusions so they’re dismantled.

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