National Security and Consciousness Acquisition

One of the principles America was founded upon was separation of Church and State, or to say it another way, freedom of conscience. It is to say that each individual is responsible for their own behavior and so must be free to decide for themselves what they believe is right. Americans still believe in this principle, but things have changed.

Transition from Traditional Society

The founding fathers of America were working in the context of a traditional society: one woven together by the influence of church (in spite of the fact that numerous churches were represented) and family.  America, however, is no longer a traditional society. Advances in technology and increasing secularization have changed it, and separation of Church and State has morphed into the Removal of the Church from the public discourse. If you don’t believe that is the trend, consider things like Officials order Church Groups to remove all Crosses…, and Judge: (Private) Catholic School must hire Gays, etc.

Tradition is one of the pillars that have always upheld a civil society. America, in its rejection of both church and family, has cut off this font of ethical behavior and must engender it in some other way.

Post-Traditional Society: the Modern State

For continued preservation of the nation and its security of its citizens the government has stepped in hoping to force decency into existence through regulation. This of course is impossible and only leads to more and more laws and a bigger hungrier enforcement arm, but with more and more lobbying by and loopholes for the well-connected. The resulting malformed partnership between government and big business is producing an ever greater divide between the connected and the disenfranchised, and an increasing disparity between the rich and the poor.

In other ways too, family, church, and education have all also been replaced with surrogate institutions that are formative to the soul. Family is replaced by the two-income household of the never-married, divorced, separated, re-married, homosexual or lesbian couple – with whatever kind of children (step-kids, grand-kids, surrogate-kids) they may have being raised by the State directly or indirectly through daycare and by the corporate media through television programming and internet social media, and by the national State-run education system. Church remains popular in many parts of the United States but has largely been infiltrated by influences very different from its traditional roots – influences that if you dig into it you will find are oddly in line with the government/corporate matrix already described.

The modern State has been tempted to encroach on the moral arena once governed by Tradition. I now molds society through government-run education, partnerships with tax-exempt foundations, nationalized media, and a managed internet. Tradition has in effect been weaponized.

From Military Industrial Complex to Consciousness Acquisition

In the 1950s the retiring President Eisenhower warned us of a “Military Industrial Complex” (MIC). It was the prophetic warning of a cancer that has since grown and now metastasized and drawn the public conscience under its purview. The MIC might now be called the “Military and Intelligence Industrial Complex” except that it has moved beyond the mere collection of intelligence and profiling of people and groups, and become more pro-active. And it is not only industrial but includes a “services” component equally as important as industrial manufacture. Perhaps we could call the new complex the “Defense and Awareness Acquisition Complex (DAQC)”. DAQC is a catchy acronym, since it can make cryptic reference to Dax, the Trill symbiont of Star Trek – a life form that lives inside its human host, augmenting his or her mind and modifying their personality, interests, and goals. That sounds just right. Or the “Security and Intelligence Engineering Establishment (SIEE)” might also be good, making reference to the All-Seeing Eye of the mystery schools.

The “Awareness Acquisition” or “Intelligence Engineering” component of this complex is an intelligence apparatus that flows both ways. This is more than data-mining the population. Intelligence is not only collected and the personality of people and groups profiled; but a government designed intelligence is then propagated outward in order to steer social intent by conditioning or engineering personal and public awareness, discourse, and attitudes.

Brain Entrainment Technology

Conditioning and engineering? Perhaps we should include modulating. One of the ways consciousness can be influenced in the 21st century is by the broadcast of “radio” or “microwave” signals that by-pass conscious or even subconscious thought altogether and actually entrain brainwaves causing feelings, thought, or intent in the recipient. You’re kidding, right?


It works. There are patents for this. Did you know that when you think, feel, or decide your brain emits a wave pattern that carries your thoughts in a signal that can be read by the proper receiver and can be recorded? Once that signal is recorded, it can be amplified and played back, and it can induce those same thoughts, feelings, or intent in a recipient. A library of mental states can be developed, and then scripted symphonies of thoughts and feelings played for various unsuspecting target individuals or groups. Think of the possibilities this affords the DAQC/SIEE. Once a proper library of thoughts and intended actions has been collected, there is no end.

Alongside development of brain-entrainment technology, there has been for at least the last 50 years an ongoing effort to weaponize the pineal gland (come to think of it this goes back at least to the 16th century, and probably to ancient times), and an effort to collect dark matter and harness the signal it broadcasts. This makes for a highly destabilizing addition to the library. The DAQC/SIEE has been working on attenuating and potentiating human consciousness.

Freedom of Conscience

So you once thought you had freedom of conscience? We have transitioned from a tradition-based society of free and independent individuals to the emergence of a collectivist social and consciousness management through the DAQC/SIEE. Society has become a hive. In the rapidly approaching future, society will become a borg-like entity in which all its members are unwitting symbionts. Will you and I become organs of the Borg or will we be part of the resistance?

In my opinion there is a successful resistance. The hive, or Borg, is actually “Mystery Babylon“, and the resistance will be those “Sealed with the Holy Spirit” and who “loved not their lives unto death”. It’s about who and what we give our hearts to: and we have to choose. We can not just blithely consume what modern society has to offer, for the current version of modern society is highly toxic. It will suck out our souls and replace them with an implant.

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