New Age New World

Strange Bedfellows of the U.S. Left and Right

R. J. Pestritto in his Woodrow Wilson and the Roots of Modern Liberalism, notes that Wilson is famous for his “leadership in the international arena.” He says that as president, leading into and coming out of WWI, Woodrow Wilson embraced a “universal vision of democratic government for all nations and peoples.” Internationalism is the “principle for which Wilson is most well known today.” In his “Fourteen Points” he called upon Congress to declare WWI because, “the world must be made safe for democracy.” Sound familiar? It should. America’s continuing foreign policy of internationalism is Wilsonian at its core. After the war he “repeated this thinking when he outlined the road map for peace,” again in fourteen points, calling for “‘a general association of nations’ founded on the ‘principles of justice’ for ‘all peoples and nationalities.'” This led to the League of Nations, which of course led on to the United Nations and to the international framework for “peace” of the early 21st century. (p.263)

But for Pestritto it was not Wilson’s internationalist leadership that needed discussion; it was Wilson’s approach to political leadership that needed to be addressed. That approach, he said, was Hegelian (p.263 Woodrow Wilson and the roots of modern liberalism, By Ronald J. Pestritto). One might add, though, that it is not only Wilson’s Hegelian approach to politics that bears discussion, but the inspiration for it. While president, his closest advisor was Colonel Mandell House, a man, according to Hudnall, “employed by Rockefeller interests, (who worked) to force our entry into the war that Wilson had promised to keep this country out of.” Hudnall cites historian Walter Mills to say that the Colonel’s sole motive for war was “establishing a new world order of peace and security.” (p.61 The Occult Connection II: The Hidden Race by Ken Hudnall) Rockefeller interests instigating a war for peace? The entry of the U.S. Into World War I was an example of the financial elite using the Hegelian method to manage the course of history in the cause of internationalism.

In a more contemporary context, Hegel’s dialectic could be described this way: “The Hegelian dialectic process is the notion that conflict creates history. From this axiom it follows that controlled conflict can create a predetermined history. For example when the Trilateral Commission discusses ‘managed conflict’, as it does extensively in its literature, it implies the managed use of conflict for long run predetermined ends… . In Hegelian terms, an existing force (the thesis) generates a counterforce (the antithesis). Conflict between the two forces results in the forming of a synthesis. Then the process starts all over again: Thesis vs. antithesis results in synthesis.” (from an internet post by someone calling him/herself Giahn)

So internationalism was and is promoted by members of the financial elite using a Hegelian dialectical method. It is appropriate for the wealthy to take an interest in and influence politics, especially international politics; but in the Judeo-Christian west it is expected that their power be balanced by the interests of the general population. Is it? Wilson himself famously said, “Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.” Franklin Delano Roosevelt revealed the surprising nature of Colonel House and his friends when he wrote to him saying, “‘the real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the large centers has owned the government of the U.S. since the days of Andrew Jackson.'” (Fruit From a Poisonous Tree, by Melvin Stamper Jd, p.115) Roosevelt was referring to the internationalist bankers and elite families of western Europe and their representation in north America known as the “eastern establishment”. This does not sound like a balanced power.

There is much more to Colonel House and his “surprising friends”, and Hudnell devotes a chapter to them (p.61 The Occult Connection II: The Hidden Race). But Colonel House is probably most famous as, “the chief architect of the Federal Reserve Act” of 1913 (Fruit From a Poisonous Tree, by Melvin Stamper Jd, p.115). So, we have Colonel House in the service of the Rockefellers, et al., stumping for a central bank charter and for world governance. Well presently, if you haven’t noticed, the world central banking system is about to blow up and cascade the bankrupted nations into the waiting arms of the current successors of that world governance.

Ben Shapiro offers a good history of this in his excellent internet article, About the Birth Certificate. During or before the early 1920s, he says, “even as Wilson and Roosevelt began implementing German philosophy in American government – with disastrous results (for America) – Europeans abroad began to plan the next step of the American takeover. Members of the Frankfurt School, (Hegelian Marxist) German philosophers who recognized that class conflict would not take place openly, traveled to the United States, where they proceeded to agitate for an even more extreme version of German Hegelian-Marxism. (About the Birth Certificate, by Ben Shapiro. )

“Frankfurt School philosophers believed that Marxism had failed (and that American) culture and society themselves had to be destroyed in order to make way for a new brand of equality.  And the first step toward such a revolution was destruction of traditional logic, destruction of traditional mores, and destruction of America’s homegrown culture.  (About the Birth Certificate, by Ben Shapiro.) This effort has been manifestly and broadly successful, as we have seen America’s students dumbed down and America’s traditionally Christian culture destroyed in just a little over a generation.

As the twentieth century wore on, “the philosophy of the Frankfurt School, making an alliance with trendy French post modernism,  spread like wildfire through the academic world.  Traditional history courses were torn down in favor of “queer” studies, black studies, Asian studies, women’s studies; language was deconstructed in order to remove its capitalistic foundations; traditional sexual mores were torn asunder in the name of ‘tolerance.’ … men like Herbert Marcuse led the charge here, telling members of … Obama’s generation to make love, not war, and to fight the powers that be.  (About the Birth Certificate, by Ben Shapiro.)

Eventually, the election of President Obama “was the result.  He grew up abroad, to be sure, but he spent most of his educational career right here in the United States,  indoctrinated in the traditions of the progressives and the Frankfurt School.  Ironically enough, the biggest problem for America arises if President Obama was born here – because if he was, the problem of un-Americanism is now internal rather than external.  … ” (About the Birth Certificate, by Ben Shapiro. Ben Shapiro is an attorney and writer and a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, and author of the upcoming book“Primetime Propaganda: The True Hollywood Story of How The Left Took Over Your TV” from Broadside Books, an imprint of HarperCollins.)

But we’ve jumped ahead again. At the end of the nineteenth century, a few years following the financial panic of 1893, a pair of organizations came into existence that were to run parallel to Wilson and his Hegelians . “The Universal Brotherhood and Theosophical Society was founded … to form the nucleus of a Universal Brotherhood which should ultimately embrace all the nations of the earth. It would seem that the Helpers of Humanity, our Elder Brothers (a group of discarnate spirit guides) from whom the impulse came, foresaw the evil that has befallen the race and were preparing the means to combat it.” (“The Theosophical Path,” p.158) The Universal Brotherhood  was founded by Katherine A. Tingley Jan 13 1898 in New York City as, “the outgrowth and expansion of the Theosophical Society founded by HP Blavatsky … .” (Harper’s encyclopaedia of United States history from 458 A. D. to …, Volume 9;  By Benson John Lossing, Woodrow Wilson) During Wilson’s presidency Tingley founded the “Parliament of Peace” which convened around the start of WWI and remained in session for some years after it ended and while the League of Nations was being formed. (“The Theosophical Path,” c. 1915; Volume 9, p.ii)

Actually the Theosophical Society and the larger spiritualistic movement of which it was a part in the west could be viewed as a dialectic antithesis to the war-like materialism of the late nineteenth, early twentieth centuries. It had become, so-to-speak, the inspiration for liberalism. Theosophy is Masonic in character, stands today at the core of the New Age philosophies, and is the spirit driving liberal Christian theology.

During Wilson’s presidency Tingley’s magazine announced there was a, “new spirit that is stirring in men’s hearts. It has been active in many ways especially in the endeavor to bring about a better understanding between nations. The numerous efforts that have been made to give practical expression to this desire find their culmination and their raison d’etre in the teachings of Theosophy which were made known again to mankind by Madame HP Blavatsky in 1875 and have since then been molding the thought of the world, guiding it to an ever clearer apprehension of the great truth that Brotherhood is a fact in Nature, the only sure basis for morality and all human relationship.” (“The Theosophical Path,”Vol. 9, p.157)

This spirit became ensconced in the halls of American political power by at least 1909. In this year, the “American Peace and Arbitration League Inc. (31 Nassau, Mhtn.) was founded with the following officers and members: “Woodrow Wilson, W.H. Taft, Theodore Roosevelt, Hon. Pres.; Henry Clews, Pres.; A.B. Humphrey, Ex. Dir. 31 Nassau, Mhtn. Amer. Peace Soc. Washington. T.E. Burton, Pres.; A.D. Call, Sec., Washington” (p337, Brooklyn Daily Eagle Almanac by American Almanac Collection (Library of Congress). A year later in 1910, Andrew Carnegie (U.S. Steel) established the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace with a gift of $10 million. The intent of these organizations is underscored by the following.

That the Parliament of Peace aligned with the Wilsonian political contingent is evident from this address to one of their assemblies. “Greeting to Madame Katherine Tingley Foundress President Parliament of Peace and Universal Brotherhood and other officers and members. We Americans should be grateful that in Woodrow Wilson we have a President … to reflect in official act and word … all organizations having for their purpose the effectuation of ultimate peace (and we) should follow and co operate with him in the great task to which he has so patriotically and courageously committed himself. JAMES E FERGUSON Governor of Texas …” (The Theosophical path, Vol. 9, p 93)

During these days, there was a plethora of organizations stumping for world peace, but according to Hudnall, Wilson had a particular allegiance to some very wealthy promoters. “The truth was that Woodrow Wilson had been owned since he had been Governor of New Jersey. When Senator Nelson Aldrich was pushing his plan for a central bank, Woodrow Wilson came out in strong support of it. During the financial panic of 1907, caused almost entirely by J.P. Morgan, Wilson had delared that ‘All of this trouble could be averted if we appointed a committee of six or seven public-spirited men like J.P. Morgan to handle the affairs of our country.'” (p. 61 The Occult Connection II: The Hidden Race By Ken Hudnall) Sound like 2008-2010? It should. At any rate, this all is beginning to look rather interwoven. Is it?

As for the war-mongering materialists, according to Webster Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin in George Bush, the Unauthorized Biography, WWI made “an immense amount of money for the clan of stock speculators and British bankers who had just taken over U.S. industry (things like steel, railroads, oil, and arms). The Harrimans (Union Pacific Railroad) were stars of this new Anglo-American elite,” (p.14) as were the Rockefellers (Standard Oil).

By 1914 Percy A. Rockefeller had taken, “direct control of the Remington Arms company,” (p.15) a supplier of the United States’ war machine through the War Industries Board. This board was in turn “run by Bernard Baruch, a Wall Street speculator with close personal and business ties to old E.H. Harriman.”  (p.15) When the U.S. entered the war in 1917, “Prescott’s father, Samuel P. Bush, became chief of the Ordnance, Small Arms and Ammunition Section of the War Industries Board,” and a year later moved up to, “director of the Facilities Division of the War Industries Board.” (P.15) That was Rockefeller, Baruch, Harriman, and Bush.

“With the war mobilization conducted under the supervision of the War Industries Board, U.S. consumers and taxpayers showered unprecedented fortunes on war producers and certain holders of raw materials and patents. Hearings in 1934 by the committee of U.S. Senator Gerald Nye attacked the ‘Merchants of Death’ — war profiteers such as Remington Arms and the British Vickers company — whose salesmen had manipulated many nations into wars, and then supplied all sides with the weapons to fight them.” (p.15)

“Samuel Bush’s wartime relationship to these businessmen would continue after the war, and would especiallly aid his son Prescott’s career of service to the Harrimans,” when the same group, “later supplied weapons and money to Hitler’s Nazis.” (p.16) In 1919 one Bert Walker of St. Louis moved to New York at the behest of the Harriman family, organized the W.A. Harriman & Co. private bank, and became its president. “Averell Harriman was chairman and controlling co-owner with his brother Roland … and Percy Rockefeller was a director and a founding financial sponsor.” (p.20) Prescott Bush married Bert Walker’s daughter in 1921, and in 1926 “joined W.A. Harriman & Co. as its vice president.” (p.21) That was Rockefeller, Walker, Harriman, and Bush.

Prescott was close friends with the brothers Roland and (William) Averell Harriman. In 1916, while both at Yale, he and Roland had been inducted into the Skull and Bones society, joining Roland’s father Averell Harriman (class of 1913) and the patriarch Percy A. Rockefeller (Remington Arms, and Yale class of 1900) as members of that elite group. That was Rockefeller, Harriman, and Bush.

During WWII, “on Oct. 20, 1942, the U.S. government ordered the seizure of Nazi German banking operations in New York City which were being conducted by Prescott Bush.” As it turns out, Prescott and a friend of Harriman had set up the German Steel Trust for Fritz Thyssen, the primary sponsor of a budding politician and theosophist, Adolph Hitler. Before that, in 1920 Bert Walker had arranged for the company to revive and dominate Germany’s shipping industry by re-starting the Hamburg-Amerika Line, creating the world’s largest private shipping company. This deal had required  the capital and credit of two of the largest New York financial houses: J.P. Morgan and the Harriman family, and “created an effective instrument for the manipulation and fatal subversion of (post WWI) Germany” (p.21,22). In 1922 Walker and Harriman had set up a European headquarters in Berlin. Then “with the aid of the Hamburg-based Warburg bank, W.A. Harriman & Co. began spreading an investment net over German industry and raw materials” (p.22). By 1931 W.A. Harriman & Co. had merged “with the British-American banking house Brown Brothers,” becoming Brown Brothers Harriman with Prescott Bush as managing partner. This became the “largest and politically the most important private banking house in America” (p.23). That was Thyssen, Hitler, Walker, Morgan, Lovett (Brown Brothers), Montague Norman (Governor of the Bank of England and former Brown Brothers partner), Harriman, and Bush (p.31).

“The powerful Anglo-American family associations which later boosted (George Herbert Walker Bush) into the Central Intelligence Agency and up to the White House, were his father’s partners in the Hitler project.” (p.28) George Bush, the Unauthorized Biography, by Webster G. Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin.


(The following is quoted from Beyond Science Fiction, by Jim Wilhelmsen.)

“An interesting connection (between the) cultures that claim contact with various white gods, brothers and masters, is the common use of the Swastika. Only the Assyrian and Egyptian cultures do not use this symbol. However they do use the German Knights Cross. These icons are primarily used as a “good luck” and fortune symbol” (power symbol).

“Theosophy as taught by Madame Blavatsky says that at the center of the North Pole is the location of pure “Atma” … which she also calls “the gate”. … This gate or axis has (a meaning) as common as the flood story. (Its) common theme is a center location for an opening to other words … . To true Nazi initiates, the Axis powers” referred to something one might call supernatural.

The “swastika … according to Blavatsky, depicts the flowing (of) ‘Atma Power’. The left-handed … clockwise rotation … depicts the flowing in (to the earth) of the Atma power at the North Pole. The right-handed swastika (the one the Nazi’s used) … depicts the flowing out of the Atma power from … the South Pole referred to as the “Pit”. This … is also the “Wheel of the Black Sun”. (The SS or storm troopers are also from the “Order of the Black Sun” hence the black uniforms). This also prophetically depicts the Aryan return … via the South Pole … to (sic) an inner earth,” which they believed to be the abode of the Nordic race, prepared by the Atlanteans in anticipation of the destruction of Atlantis for the purpose of raising the surviving human race up into their image.

“This centripetal and centrifugal motion is said to preserve harmony and keeps the universe in steady unceasing motion, including the earth on its axis. The swastika displays this action. This “Atma” power that holds this action together in the physical realm is what we call “gravity”! In this sense the swastika displays the power of (the) four winds as gravity and the harnessing of a power only dreamed of.”

“Adolph Hitler understood this (to be the) meaning behind the swastika. The final decision to make the arms of the swastika show the right-handed counterclockwise movement was (based on comparing) the skies from the Aryan capital of Thule from before the flood in his ‘golden age of the god-men’,” to the present-day skies in anticipation of a resurrection of a Nordic rule.

“Taking into account (the) shifting of the earths axis with a change in the pole star from Draconis (in his golden age) to the present day Polaris we get” the big and little dippers revolving around the pole star in different positions. Diagramming this movement by showing four seasonal positions describes a Knight’s Cross when circling around Draconis and a swastika when around Polaris. Both represent the spinning of all things in response to the universal force we typically think of as gravity. But according to this theosophical model gravity and spin are the responses to the “in-breathing” and “outgassing” of the Atma power. Gravity and spin form a material world in response to the spiritual. (pp. 266-268)

Check this vid on the Nazi occult connection (close to 2 hours): nazis-the-occult-conspiracy.html

So who are the nazi’s today? Most of us know them as “radical Muslims.”

(More to come…)

(While we’re waiting for more, here is some important reading about what it really means to “make the world safe for democracy,” and what the color revolutions and the rising spring in the middle east, circa 2010, are all about. Power, Propaganda, and Purpose in American Democracy)

The New World Order vs. the Post- New World Order Order

Theosophy and the Post-New World Order

So how far up in the chain of command does this craziness go in the world’s power structure? Consider this, if you are not already familiar:

And for a more advanced view, check out Carolyn Hamlett’s testimony.

Social media? Facebook, Youtube, and Google are suppressing the discourse.

Join the rest of the conversation, at Minds!

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