Finally, something good on the Nazis’ secret tech! Part I of the video below chronicles Admiral Byrd’s military naval expedition to Antarctica in 1946. The following should cut in at the start of Part II discussing the Ahnenerbe society, which in the late 1930s became successor to the Thule society:

The Deutsches of the Anunnaki?

The video says, Ahnenerbe means “legacy of the ancestors”. Deutsches means Germans. Their idea was that German aristocracy was the legacy of a lost high-level civilization once on Atlantis. They scoured the world for secret documents, finding things like the Piri Reis map, which depicted the real coastline of Antarctica.

They were looking specifically for the Grail cup and the Holy Spear, which legend held would when together open the way to world domination. In my opinion these reflect a technology used by the ancients that involve use of a ring and a stick, as depicted in this Sumerian tablet.

They also sought out people with paranormal abilities and employed them to acquire superior technology from unknown beings they called “outsiders”.

See this also on the rise of Hitler, demonstrating the heavy influence of occult philosophy on the U.S. foreign policy.

And Reptilian Aliens Helped Germans Establish Space Program in Antarctica (Video and Transcript) which contains some pretty good documentation.

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