God’s Changes

North American Union and Invasion of the U.S.


Ministries reporting on the end-times:

USA Prophet

Chuck Missler

Mark Cleminson – from a 700 year old (at least) Illuminist family, converted and now 7th Day Adventist.

Steve Quayle

Tom Horn

The Last Trumpet

Cutting Edge News Newsletter

Cutting Edge News Updates

Reverend Colin Deal

Brother Nathanael


End-Time Prophets




The Two Witnesses (Contenders)


6 Responses to God’s Changes

  1. Jean says:

    Have the two witnesses appeared yet? If so, where?

    • icliks says:

      I think there are several claimants, but the ones I’ve seen don’t seem to be the real deal. As you can imagine there will be lots of confusion over this as the devil attempts to deceive the whole world into worshiping him as he sits on a physical throne. … Maybe the devil inhabiting a man or a hybrid (nephelim).

      • Jean says:

        Thanks for that because I didn’t think so either: but confusion will no doubt reign with all sorts of claims. I would have thought though, that it would be quite newsworthy!

  2. icliks says:

    It occurs to me you may not have seen my thoughts on what the ministry of the two witnesses will be like. I made a study on the subject, which I hope you will find interesting and informative.


    Meanwhile, keep your eye out for developments and keep me posted. I will do the same.

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