Connecticut’s 5th Century Church

Connecticut’s 5th Century Church – Greek-speaking Christians journeyed from Morocco and settled in Connecticut, establishing a congregation there by converting local peoples. I notice in this article that these persecuted Christians interacted with Phoenicians. The Phoenicians are thought by many to have had tin mines in the Americas long before this time, and so their sailors would have likely still known how to sail the sea route to Connecticut.

Meanwhile 5th and 6th Century Celts Evangelized Europe

Diffusionist Theory and the Celtic Cross (Hadj Mimoun Christians flee Vandals across Atlantic; St. Brendan settles in Brazil; Sinclair’s voyage to Novia Scotia) – The archaic Celtic Cross as a navigation instrument is explained here. “The method was practiced even during the ice age,” as is expanded on here.

Genesis Veracity Foundation – Demonstrating that Science and the Bible are Mutually Inclusive

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