“Let us not think that because we are members of the true Church we are immune to deception. … Through careful reading of Scripture and other spiritual books; through prayer and conscious attendance at church services; through daily, determined warfare with our passions and thoughts–we shall develop a sense for what is truth and, amidst all the chaos and confusion of the end times, we shall be able to discern the voice of the Chief Shepherd Who will be calling everywhere for His sheep. Then we shall have no cause to fear what is to come; rather, made bold through steadfast faith, we shall cry out from our hearts: ‘Come, Lord Jesus!'” (The Last Chapter of Time…, Orthodox America)

And Icliks writes:

The “end-times”, as understood in Christian theology, represents the culmination of the progress of time, which is superseded by the rule of the eternal kingdom of God on earth. This transition is set in the context of war, both physical and spiritual, and pivots on the return of Jesus Christ. Unlike His first advent as the humble servant, this time He returns in His glory and is victorious over his arch-enemy Lucifer and all his forces, thus with finality setting creation free of the pall of death.

In the Christian story, time began when God, who Himself is without beginning or end, created the universe – both the angelic and the physical realms – extending it in time and space.

In this story, Lucifer stood at the pinnacle of creation as the greatest, most beautiful, most God-like of all the angels. But in time he fell into pride, and finally when rebuked by God and called to repent of it, rebelled.

Lucifer, since he fell, has plotted to establish himself in the place of God and to establish his cosmic science in place of God’s creative will. Lucifer in the garden of Eden brought Adam and Eve, and through them all future mankind and all of creation under this rule of death.

This rule was a new mode of being for the physical creation in which disintegration – experienced in human life as sorrow, sickness, and death – has become the pivot on which all things turn. Adam and Eve were submerged into this experience when they turned to the fruit of a created thing for wisdom in place of a personal relationship with God. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil offered them a science by which they could themselves know the wisdom of the gods and take control of the workings of fate. Lucifer had chosen this science for himself and now he had brought mankind under its domain, furthering his plan to take God’s throne.

In descriptions of the end-times this Luciferian campaign comes into view when Lucifer “incarnates” as the antichrist and changes “the times and the seasons.” This is no mere calendar revision, but reflects the alteration of the fabric of time and destiny. By this time in history Lucifer is not working alone but has conscripted (besides 1/3 of the angels) a core of organized human leadership and around this “illuminated” leadership has entrained the majority of human society.

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