Insiders and 2012

And in a completely different way of looking at the year 2012, Lindsey Williams has for years claimed to be in touch with elite insiders who control world events (be advised, his for-pay products have pretty much turned out to be worthless. Here is a typical viewer comment. “Lindsey has a unique way of cramming 5 minutes of information into over 2 hours.” And I would add, charging a lot for it! His free info, however, is interesting if you can get it in a synopsis.) …

Lindsey Williams on Jeff Rense radio show on Thursday, 13 October 2011. Topics covered include:

– 2012 will be the most startling, eventful, unusual .. for the past 2000 years!
– The (Illuminist) elites have planned for 2012 some of the most unusual events!
– The elites intend to create massive debts globally before they crash the system!
– After the collapse, they will be in place to takeover and own everything.
– It is all about control – the New World Order.
– Rothschild, City of London banking cartel, Federal Reserve ….
– By the end of 2012, all private fortunes that are secured with paper will be lost! USD will be ‘dead’ by end 2012 ie. lose purchasing power massively.
– In the first 2 days of the new financial year, the US chalk up an additional US$142B of debts!
– The US will default on its debts!
– The elites are buying physical gold and silver to secure their fortunes.
– The US Mint sold a record 737,000pcs of 1 oz silver eagles on 1st October!
– They have taken the price of gold & silver down so that they can accumulate physical gold/silver at a cheap price!
– Gold and silver will soar after this correction, Gold towards US$3000/oz. Silver : US$ 75-100/oz.
– Welfare recipients, food stamps recipients, social security … will continue to receive their checks until the US defaults on its national debts. The last thing the elites want is riots & social unrest.
– You must have enough gold/silver to pay your taxes for 3-5 years. If not your property, house, farm, company … will be confiscated.
2012 : The Beginning of The End ! 3 hrs long DVD available from Lindsey Williams soon!
– Fear is the elite’s method of securing more power. Using fear to shut your brain down. Fear will be used in 2012 by the elites as a control tactic.
– The Devil’s Messiah. 2012 & Divine Manifestation! The demoralization of America. The removal of the God that made America great. Removing Bibles from school, prayer ….introducing evolution etc..
– The agenda to destroy Christianity worldwide.
– America will be like Greece in 3 years.
– The elites are approx. 3 months behind their Middle East agenda schedule because of Gaddafi, Libya.
– There is big discord and dissension amongst the elites right now.
– The elites know: something is about to happen in 2012. They are not sure what it is. 2012: we will see some ‘divine manifestation’. What is it? No one knows for sure. It is not the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ! Lindsey Williams speculates on some possibilities!

With apologies for some duplication, here are some notes (not by me) from an interview of Lindsey Williams by Alex Jones:


January 02, 2012

Every year January is a month for settlements of accounts among major banking players. January of 2012 is going to be a very interesting month. … The situation among the major European and US money center banks is expected to get critical towards the end of January when these large institutions are supposed to settle accounts with each other.

… Lindsey has just came out with a new interview with Alex Jones where he stated that the Evil Illuminati Gangsters plan to collapse the Dollar by 40% this year!  Yeah… 40%, and they plan to do it overnight basically.  It will likely happen over a weekend and they will declare a bank holiday several of the days of the follow week so everyone is trapped and can’t get their money out of the banks… or the stock market!  This is what FDR did back in the 1930′s, and exactly what the murdering thieves plan to do again.  … Lindsey’s source says they plan to do it again this year.

Yes, I know, Lindsey could be (fed) dis-information and this not actually happen… just like oil hasn’t went to $150-$200 per barrel as he said last year.  But, he never said it was “definitely” going to happen in 2011 (although the tone of his voice hinted at it).  He said that he was told that the gangster would take oil to that price point before the end of 2012… so he’s not wrong yet.  He also said that we have the power to stop these gangsters …

In the interview Lindsey gives with Alex Jones he states that Ben Bernanke has already done 4 out of 5 of the things listed that he said he would do if he was appointed Fed Chief…

  1. If I am every faced with a depression, I will lower the interest rates to zero.
  2. I will buy securities from the bank to expand the Federal Balance Sheets.
  3. I will increase the money supply.
  4. I will buy our countries’ debt (qe1, qe2, qe3)
  5. I will devalue the dollar by 40%.

… Number 5 is next on the list and Lindsey said his source told him it would happen this year. …

Here’s the plan to catch the crash!

I 100% believe that there will be insiders that are told at the last minute when they are going to crash the dollar, and I’m sure those insiders are going to purchase a ton of “puts” on the UUP and the Dollar Futures.  This will likely show up on a Friday (or a few days earlier in the week) and we should be able to see that in the volume for that day. …

Ben Fulford still says that they are making big progress in cornering and arresting these gangsters… Maybe Ben’s “White Dragon Society” really is making progress toward stopping these murders? …

Here’s my summary of his posts…

There has been a major change in the power balance in Asia  … They want to unite North and South Korea (and) the opening up of the North Korean economy to Rothschild interests … the Korean peninsula would then experience boom times as a result …

The biggest changes are happening in Japan where a series of arrests of bureaucrats, police officials and politicians has begun. … One public sign of a major change has been an agreement between China and Japan to directly trade each other’s currencies … These days about 60% of Japan/China transactions take place via the US dollar. …

Japan is being threatened with a new set of Earthquakes and Tsunamis, this time targeting Tokyo. If Tokyo is attacked, then the Monaco bank in the Canary Islands will be knocked into the ocean … That will create a 100 meter or more tsunami that will hit New York and Washington. …

The Khazarian satanic cabal … are still trying to start WW3 with Iran (which Lindsey Williams also says they are planning to do) … and now Syria …

the Khazarian controlled Western banking system is doomed. … There has been a fundamental split in the ranks among the families that own the large banks that…own the Federal Reserve Board…. They still do not plan to go quietly into the night.

A source has told the White Dragon Society that George Bush Senior is no longer their leader and that their group supports White Dragon Plans for a plan to end poverty and stop environmental destruction. …

For the year 2012 the White Dragon Society proposes a major campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction followed by a huge global party. They also propose “ending the world” on December 21st, 2012. They would then “restart” the world on December 25th, 2012 in the old calendar by renaming it as January 1st of the year zero. …

Remember the talk of China’s “October Surprise”… that has now faded … but it sure looks like it’s going to be this coming October, 2012. … and confirmed by Lindsey’s source of a Dollar Collapse, I’d say we will see the “Crash of All Crashes” happen this coming fall of 2012. …

Then there is Lindsey’s comment that we won’t crash during the first 2 months of the year.  …  I’m sure he’s talking about a HUGE 2,000-3,000 point crash …

“Quantitative Easing 4, 5, or 6?” is only going to give the market the counter bounces as it heads lower all year long. More and more hole are showing up in the over all economy and plugging them all with funny money isn’t going to work this year.  Other countries are joining together and trading with their own currencies …

Good luck everyone, and Happy New Year!


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